Getting Started Playing Electric Guitar


Getting started on the road to becoming a great guitarist can be challenging to any beginner. The best place to start is by getting together all of the equipment that you will need. This includes the electric guitar itself, an amplifier, a strap, cords, and an instructional DVD.

If you have all of these items together, you will be able to start playing and developing a consistent practice routine that will get you playing quickly.

It is important to find a guitar that is durable yet affordable. There are a lot of low priced instruments on the market that are available to you, but you need to have a good look at the quality of different ones before you decide to make a purchase.

Many of the cheaper models are priced lower because of the way they are made. If corners are cut in their construction, it can affect the playability and longevity of the instrument.

Some common ways that corners are cut when producing guitars are by using inferior wood products or even plastics on the body of the guitar. There are many which are constructed of particleboard then painted with a high gloss coat of paint to hide that fact. Some even have a wood veneer over the fiberboard to make it look as though it was constructed of real wood.

The problem with this is after some playing, the screws that hold on the hardware, electronics, and covers start coming loose and become impossible to tighten back. Even worse, the neck might not hold tightly in the joint and become nearly impossible to play.

Another way I have seen corners cut is by using a poor quality metal alloy or plastic parts on the tuning pegs and bridge. This type of metal can easily break, especially when it is under the constant stress of string tension.

Just be careful to avoid guitars that are made using these cost cutting methods because instrument repairs are often costly and time consuming, and you do not want anything to interfere with your playing.

As far as amplifiers, I suggest a smaller one for learning, at least until you have reached the point of playing well enough to keep from annoying anyone who hears it.

having a strap is also a must, you get better form learning to play standing up. Think about it, do any of your favorite players sit on a couch onstage? A strap gets you into the practice of positioning your hands right to play.

Having an instructional DVD from the start is also a plus in learning to play well. That way you can watch the lessons and review them easily to make sure you get everything right. They are also an inexpensive option compared to one on one guitar lessons.

Having all of these things together in one place will really help you get started playing guitar quick.

Source by Rob Laton

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