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Introducing Gillette BODY Men’s Shave Gel, the only shave gel engineered for all your parts. Its rich gel formula is great for use in the shower, while the advanced lubricants provide incredible glide, comfort, and smoothness. Unlike traditional foam, the clear gel formula gives you a clear view of the area you’re shaving, so you can shave your most important parts with confidence. So whether you call it body grooming or manscaping, pair Gillette BODY Men’s Shave Gel with the Gillette BODY Razor for an incredibly smooth shave, wherever you need it.

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Gillette Body Men's Shave Gel
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  • Engineered for all your parts
  • Rich gel formula is great for shower use
  • Advanced lubricants for incredible glice, comfort, and smoothness

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What body parts can I shave with Gillette BODY Razor and Shave Gel?
Together, Gillette BODY Razor and BODY Shave Gel are engineered for optimal performance on anything from the neck down. To find tips and tricks for grooming (you might call it manscaping) your most important parts, visit the “body” section of Gillette.com.

Is it better to use hot, cold, or warm water to shave?
Warm water softens hair and causes it to expand, making it 70% easier to cut. That’s why Gillette BODY Men’s Shave Gel has a rich gel formula that works great in the shower.

What is the best way to avoid razor burn?
If the skin is not properly prepared before shaving or if the blade on your razor is dull, you are more likely to end up with razor burn. Be sure to hydrate hair in warm water for up to three minutes and apply plenty of shave gel. Also, consider changing the blade on your razor at the first sign of dullness or discomfort.

The first shave gel built for grooming male terrain (you may call it manscaping)
Engineered for all your parts so you can shave with confidence
Rich gel formula great for use in the shower

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