Gillette Venus Original Women’s Razor Refill Cartridges 8 Count


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The first 3-blade razor designed for women! The Venus Original razor features protective cushions so you�re close and clean in 1 stroke. It�s a perfect match for freshly smooth skin. 3-blades for a smooth shave Protective cushions gently smooth out skin for a close, and virtually nick-free, shave Blue indicator strip fades away when you are no longer getting the optimal Venus shave In-shower razor holder attaches to wall to keep razor within easy reach, and conveniently stores your razor and up to 4 sealed ShowerSafe blade refills together in the shower Easy-to-change razor cartridges Any Venus cartridge fits any Venus razor handle3-blade razor cartridge gives a close,smooth shave
Protective cushions for a great shave and an indicator strip that fades when you are no longer getting the optimal Venus shave
Shower Safe razor blade refills are individually sealed to stay clean and dry, even when stored in the shower.
All Venus cartridges fit all Venus razor handles
Try Venus Original razor refill cartridges for women, 8-count

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