Girl Fights As a Form of Entertainment


Fighting is a way that many people get entertainment. They see two individuals fighting and it is exciting to watch while not being involved in it directly. Many times videos are shot and then posted to internet sites so that other individuals are able to enjoy in the excitement as well. Although it may not be the healthiest form of entertainment it has become quite the phenomenon. Many times no one will get involved in the fight to stop it and will instead just watch and cheer one person on or another while someone else keeps a camera on all the action.

Causes of Girl Fights

— Entertainment is the primary cause that many girls get into fights. There may be underlying reasons but most realize that other people want to see all the action since everyone likes a good show.

— Jealousy is another factor whether it’s over something like a friend, boyfriend, piece of clothing, or some other material possession

— Girls used to focus on harming others with their words by spreading rumors but now they use physical violence as well as rumors and name calling to get their point across to the masses and get revenge in the process.

Frequency of Girl on Girl Fights

— The numbers of girls getting involved in physical fights has escalated to be quite comparative to their male counterparts. While previous numbers say that only 10% of the fights were girls, now 25% of the physical fights are female.

— The most common places for these to occur are where the social groups are found. These are primarily in high schools, colleges, and even on the street where crowds can gather to watch.

Who Participates in These Fights

There are quite a few factors that can be analyzed about girl on girl fighting. Since it seems to be a relatively new concept in terms of frequency it can be hard to get accurate numbers but a few defining characteristics can be identified.

— Ethnicity does play a role in the number of fights that occur. This can also be linked to wealth and economic status. It is a fact that the number of African Americans in neighborhoods with violence are higher and as a result more fights break out.

— Age is another factor that can be analyzed to paint a clearer picture of fights and who ends up involved in them. Teenagers are most likely to use violence to get their point across instead of solving it in a mature manner. It can even extend into early adulthood for people in their 20’s as well as the late teens.

— Income levels tie into the violence and occurrence of fights with girl on girl participants. Those individuals who are living in poverty or close to the poverty level will most likely be involved in a fight as opposed to someone who is living in a ritzy section of the neighborhood with extensive wealth and resources at their disposal.

Source by Jake Conte

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