Globalization Of Entertainment Manifesto


The Mission – “The Globalization of Entertainment”

However we found that even the most prolific and savvy “guru’s” of the good ship worldwide entertainment were to preoccupied burying their heads in the sand hoping that someone would be “lucky enough” to figure out some graceful way out of this awful predicament that music (and now film and television are finding themselves in): the blatant disregard for wanting to pay a cent for the entertainment content they so eagerly enjoy.

As a matter of fact it’s gotten so that consumers now almost have the attitude of – “entertainment content – we can take it or leave it”. This is very much in evidence by the poor financial showing that have been constantly diminishing in the global music industry. Much blame has been laid at the feet of such technological innovations as Napster or “Peer to Peer” file sharing. However, blame is extended further, properly assigned in portions to a number of who miserably failed in their responsibilities to protect and serve those they were installed, elected, assigned or democratically chosen to administer. Additionally, this is meant to include key establishments, organizations, industries, unions, fraternities, societies and like intentioned entities that have been of major importance to the financial stability of the economies of most nations in the world.

The choice to create a two-part film project to commemorate the life and legacy of this legendary film icon has a dual purpose. First, Marilyn Monroe is one of the most enduring and recognizable symbols that people all over the world associate most closely with “Hollywood”. Though Elvis, Jimmy Dean and countless others can lay claim to some portion of that myth and lore it is Marilyn’s image that is the most sought after by visitors here from anywhere on earth. We want to continue to perpetuate this love affair between her essence and image and the world public.

Second, who would be a more appropriate representation of the possibilities today of taking a young ingenue or male counterpart to heights unimagined just a few short years ago, even impractical financially during this period as well. Regardless what anyone say’s what modern Superstar has truly reached this zenith in their career, in so many countries save and this is just a perhaps, Michael Jackson? The jury is still out on Michael after all he has just been gone and sadly missed by legions worldwide for barely one year.

The manifesto continues next segment with – “Target and Engagement.”

Source by Kenny Beck

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