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Read this GlobalTravelClub Review if you are considering joining this new company that recently joined the network marketing “travel club” arena. This program was designed to both offer its members huge savings on travel packages as well as the ability to earn substantial income in the process.

Your one time investment to become a GTC member and receive your Travel Pass is $160 with an $11.60 processing fee. You then would be eligible to receive discounts on a wide variety of travel /vacation related services. At that point you could also start developing the income generating system that GTC offers by both selling travel packages and recruiting others to do the same.

The compensation plan used by the GlobalTravelClub is a 2×2 forced filled matrix. The promo material states that even if you do not refer new members you could receive spillover from your up line. It has been my experience that if you are in fact aggressively promoting your program and seriously attempting to build a down line, you may receive spillover from your up line. If on the other hand you are sitting back waiting for someone else to build your down line for you, it could be a very long wait.

There is a series of what GTC refers to as earning boards that members progress through. Each board has a cash payout as follows:

  • Starter Board earns: $100
  • Premium Board earns: $300
  • Luxury Board earns: $2000
  • VIP Board earns: $10,000

In addition to the matrix payouts, there are bonuses and matching bonuses. The bottom line is the GlobalTravelClub could be a very lucrative program if you are able to recruit a large group of GTC distributors and sell lots of travel services.

Having an understanding of how to use the Internet to drive massive amounts of quality traffic to your GTC website to either purchase travel or to join your program would be a huge plus. Learning how to successfully market on the Internet is a process, not rocket science. If you are willing to put forth a consistent effort toward learning it, you can most definitely become successful at it.

Source by Evan DuChene

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