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The Godfather movie is in my and many other peoples opinion is the best movie of all time. If they don’t think of it as the best movie of all time, then it is Defiantly the best gangster or mob movie of all time. It is truly one of the classics they everyone should see in their lifetime. I have met one person in my entire life that didn’t like it, but she was a womens right activist, which I don’t think explains why, but you get the gist. The movie is loved by all.

The movie starts out with Marlon Brando playing the Godfather. Right from the beginning I remember when I started watching it, I wanted to be the Godfather. The way that the movie was laid out is just pure genius. I loved seeing the part at the very beginning when everyone was coming to him because they wanted something from him on the day of his daughters wedding. In their culture, no one could refuse a request on that day, so many people lined up and literally waited to see him just to ask a favor. In the first scene, the man that was asking for a favor ended up kissing his hand. This is the ultimate sign of respect.

All throughout the movie, the Godfather is controlling everything in everyone’s life really. Unless he approves nothing happens really until he is shot, then his son starts running things. His son is not really to intelligent, he just has a hot temper and flies off the handle at everyone and everything. This leads to his death towards the end of the movie. He was just too foolish. Then Al Pacino ends up taking over the whole family and starts running things. He is the ultimate Godfather and plays it the best. He is in Part 2 which is another one of my favorite movies.

If you have never seen these movies, then you will want to be sure to watch them. I promise that you will love them. They are just classics, plain and simple. I wonder if they will try to remake them?

Source by Darius Maslow

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