Going Wireless – Setting Up an Efficient Office Network


Whether you’re setting up an office for the first time or trying to reduce the amount of cables in the workplace, setting up a wireless office network could save you time, and money. Therefore, it is important to understand the benefits that a wireless office network can offer.

As such, a wireless network allows you to connect to a network such as the internet without the need for cables. Whilst it is true to a certain extent that wireless technology can initially prove more expensive than traditional cables, the long-term benefits it offers can work out cheaper, both financially and perhaps more importantly, in terms of efficiency and productivity.

What’s more, a wireless network means that there is no need to rewire your office, should you decide a change is required to the layout. In addition, new employees can be given instant access to the network, eliminating the need for any cable to be set-up to their computer, compared to that of a wired network.

Another benefit that a wireless network can offer is that it eliminates any potential problems that can arise when external employees or clients come to visit your office. A wireless network allows clients and external employees to easily access the network, improving efficiency by taking unnecessary strain and workload away from your IT department.

As it goes, one of the most overlooked benefits of wireless technology is the safety aspect. Office falls prove to be one of the major causes of accidents within the workplace, and having large amount of cable within the office will not help. But by simply switching to a wireless network this could save you any unnecessary stress that can arise should any claims be made against you and your company.

When deciding how to provide internet and intranet access within the office, it can be all too easy to choose the traditional wired option for its initial financial benefits. Although initially less expensive, this method can prove more expensive in the long run. Furthermore, it can be easy to forget the time factor involved from wiring an entire office, or perhaps more importantly how inadaptable this method is to a changing workplace environment.

Of course, in a busy office mobility can prove a major issue and it often becomes necessary to have the flexibility to move around within the office. This is especially important if you are training new staff, or regularly moving between rooms within the office for meetings and presentations. However, a wireless office network [http://www.btbroadbandoffice.com/data-and-voice-networks/routers-and-switches/cisco-wireless-lan] offers ease and mobility within the office, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most.

Overall, there are many benefits to be had from switching to a wireless office network. Indeed, with an improvement in office safety, increased productivity and proving to be more financially viable in the run, a wireless network can offer very attractive benefits to any business.

Source by Victoria Cochrane

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