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If you’re a bit of a golf fanatic like me and are considering buying a GPS for golf then you will be interested in this Golf Guru GPS review.

I have recently learned a lot about the Golf Guru GPS thanks to my correspondence with their excellent customer service division. In fact I have been in contact with one of the founding directors. Where do I start with my Golf Guru GPS review?

Firstly let me mention that the Golf Guru has some pretty unique features and attributes:

  • It is the smallest golf GPS available. Size does count and in the golf GPS business you do not want to be lugging a brick around with you. The Golf Guru is small enough without being that small that you battle to read the screen.
  • It is the most accurate of all Golf GPS models – a fact that the company is passionate about. I was given a detailed description of exactly how it all works and why the Guru is the most accurate. Too much information for an article of this nature! I could write a separate article on Circular Error Probability – which is what its all about!
  • It is the only GPS company not currently under threat of a law suit for contravention of patent laws and the only company licensed under the ‘093 patent. The outcome of current and pending cases may or may not affect you and I but it is worth noting that owning a Golf Guru may well turn out to be a blessing should the court force some companies to close down.
  • The Golf Guru is the only GPS that has the control buttons above the screen. Unusual at first but you soon get the knack of operating the device quite comfortably with one hand.
  • Golf Guru has been in the golf GPS business longer than any other competitor – including some very well known brands.
  • Their emphasis has always been in the low cost high accuracy end of the business.
  • The Golf Guru Smart Green technology allows you to map the outline of the green and allows you to “move” the pin to a desired position. With the Smart Green technology you will know exactly how far you are to the pin regardless of your angle of approach.
  • The Golf Guru probably has the shortest “warm up” time of all GPS units which means you can switch it on just before you tee off. It should take less than 5 minutes in almost all conditions. The warm up time is the time the GPS needs to locate the satellites, lock on to them and stabilise. I am confident enough to say that the Golf Guru is as quick as, if not quicker, than any other unit out there.

What else is good about this baby?

  • There is no annual fee. Golf Guru is one of the few companies that offers all of it’s more than 9,000 (and growing daily) library of courses to be downloaded for free. Once you have purchased your Guru there is no more to pay. Originally this was introduced as a special with no annual fee till 2011. This policy was changed some time ago and there is no intention of charging any membership fee at any point in the future.
  • Course mapping can be requested. If you have a course you would like them to map simply contact Golf Guru and within a matter of days they will have your course mapped and ready for you to download.
  • Alternatively you can map your own course or add points (up to 30) to previously mapped courses. Up to 40 courses can be stored on the unit itself. 20 Downloaded ones and 20 self mapped. That’s more than enough for me.
  • The Golf Guru does not lose its signal if you place it in your pocket or stand under trees.
  • Scores and statistics can be stored in the unit. Personally I think one of the biggest advantages of having a GPS for golf is the information that you can get out of the unit. Firstly learning exactly how far you can consistently hit each club in your bag is extremely useful information and takes a lot of pressure off your swing. This is easy to do with the Golf Guru’s shot distance feature. If for example you know you hit your 7 iron 150 yards on average and you have a 150 yard shot left all you have to concentrate on is hitting it straight with your normal swing. It is also useful to know how many fairways and greens you hit in regulation and putts per round. If you are taking more than 34 putts per round I think you should head out to the putting green and forget that new $439.99 special they are having on the “driver that is guaranteed to lower your scores!”
  • Scores can be uploaded to the USGA golf site for handicapping purposes.
  • Battery life under normal playing conditions is amongst the longest at 16 hours – that’s between 3 and 4 rounds of golf!
  • Because the Golf Guru can be used anywhere in the world it is really great for those international jetsetters. Lucky buggers!

What’s bad about the Golf Guru?

  • To be honest there is nothing I could fault other than the website does not provide enough information. Now that I have written a review I can sympathise with them as there is so much to say about the Golf Guru it is difficult to put it all down on e-paper!

I probably could go on but feel that this Golf Guru GPS review is long enough. If you are thinking of going the GPS route – just do it.

Source by Lawrence Bredenkamp

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