GPS Systems – How Advancement In Technology Can Make Life Simple


Have a history of stolen vehicle where you could do nothing about it? Well, had there been a GPS Vehicle Tracking System installed in your vehicle, the thief would have been apprehended. This then is just one of the several uses this  technology  offers.

GPS (Global Positioning System)  technology  and its application have certainly come a long way in the last five years. It started as a government program in the late 1960s and early 1970s primarily for military navigational purposes until President Ronald Reagan promised that the  technology  would be available to the general public for free.

The GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems helps you notify your communication device when someone is tampering with your vehicle. You can program the system to send calls to your cell phone, blackberry, and other communication devices. It helps you navigate around problem areas, such as construction zones and traffic congestion while providing alternate routes to desired locations. It is excellent for monitoring teens driving habits with real-time vehicle location with photos.

Backpack GPS units are being developed to guide the blind people through the intricacies of the cities. Farmers use GPS to survey their fields so that they can distribute fertilizer more efficiently. Hikers use it to guide themselves on their mountain climbs, bicycle tours, marathon runs, rally competitions. Rescue and salvation crews use GPS to locate and speed the assistance to people during emergencies. Pointer Dog-GPS by Pointer Positioning Solutions has a device that is made primarily for hunting.

This  technology  helps the Fleet Managers to track and monitor employees and vehicles, to recoup time and money, for asset tracking, to stop employee moonlighting, to increase productivity, and decrease fuel costs.

If you are a Car Rental Manager you could benefit from this  technology  for for boundary violations, asset management, for easy rental vehicle tracking, to coordinate vehicle maintenance and service checks, to remotely lock/unlock vehicles doors, and to recover stolen vehicles.

This  technology  also helps in efficient delivery of products and materials. There are real time vehicle tracking systems that allow companies to track the location of company vehicles from a central location. The central dispatchers can track movements on a visual mapping system and determine the actual location of the truck and guide the driver to the proper location.

GPS systems have gone beyond just serving the army. Anyone from Couriers, Firefighters, Municipal Managers, Snow Plow Drivers, Waste Removal Engineers, Mobile Caregivers, Law Enforcement who wishes to ensure the safety and well being of their drivers, vehicles and cargoes make use of the GPS  technology .

GPS systems are indeed becoming a staple in the society, working to make our lives easy and interesting.

Source by Andrena Markley

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