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Los Angeles, the home to   Hollywood , has a lot to offer. From unmatched entertainment, shopping destinations and the world’s most renowned food joints to marvelous landscapes, hills and beaches, Los Angeles has everything. As it is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, the mixture of different cultures is visible everywhere from food to architecture. Arguably one gets the best view of the city from the hills. The  Hollywood  Hills are an extension of the Santa Monica range; the southeastern part is called  Hollywood  Hills. The secluded area is home to the most exclusive part of the city due to its scenic and the homes owned by some of the best in  Hollywood . From pop star Madonna, actor Leonardo DiCaprio to Paris Hilton and Scarlet Johansson many  Hollywood  heroes and heroines have made  Hollywood  hills their permanent address.

Apart from the wonderful scenic beauty,  Hollywood  hills have another attractive feature, its architecture. The houses and villas occupying the splendid slopes are what dreams are made of. The fascinating blend of fashion from all over the world that is visible in the streets of Los Angeles has made its way into architecture. The cosmopolitan nature of the city reflects in its architecture as well. The modern architects have taken it to a higher level, with modern mindboggling creations. The villas are a blend of good aesthetic sense and space age technology. The open-mindedness of the people have a part to play in all this, their encouragement and investment is what keeps the architects and property developers searching for more and different. The architecture compliments the natural beauty of the place. As the entertainment industry controls the base of the city, a lot of  Hollywood  stars have bungalows in the region. Not only people from the entertainment industry, generally speaking people with money. The major styles that can be seen include the American bungalow style, which is one of the most common. The wonderful but simple bungalow patterned villas almost look like a getaway from the industrial world. The simply ornamented homes seem almost at par with nature. A complete opposite of this is the international style; the structure of these houses may vary a lot from architect to architect as it is a wide range. The basic structure of the house is plain and rectangular. This style is a result of the 20th century architectural movement as a result of which we see skyscrapers. Completely modern and technologically advanced in nature, the houses may emphasize on varied materials such as glass and even steel.

The architectural masterpieces don’t come at a cheap price. They are expensive due to the location and on top of that the luxury that comes with these houses. But all the houses are not made for the rich and famous. It is always possible to land up with a piece of treasure without investing much. But the houses are bound to cost more than the ones in the main city.

Source by Luis Pezzini

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