Great Teaching Aids For Tomorrow’s Technology Today


In this throw- away society that life has sort of created, it is refreshing to know that iPhone parts and MacBook parts are freely available on the internet. Many people have taken to a kind of ‘do it yourself’ approach being fed up with always being at the mercy of technicians. The parts are so easily available and easy to replace which makes recycling so easy.

In fact it is being proved that the more familiar with the equipment a person becomes, the better he is at fixing any problems. Some schools have taken this one step further by incorporating these media devices into schools. There idiom is that if a child becomes familiar with using this ‘up to the minute’ technology, then he will be prone to use it for the rest of his life.

These units are great for lessons and lesson plans and give the pupil the excitement of using technology but without the space age games beloved of so many. Children learn much faster than adults anyway and getting them interested in doing their lessons by giving them equipment like this can only be a good thing. It is estimated that before very long, all schools will have this technology as part and parcel of school life, much like calculators when they came to the fore some years back. Who knew then that they would become indispensable after only a couple of years?

In business too, these small machines are taking over from heavy files and paperwork. Many people say that paperwork will never be abolished but consider how much information can be carried around with ease in a portable device. To carry the equivalent in hard copy would probably take a lorry or two.

These devices are good for office routines also since they can share information not only between people but between countries at the touch of a button. The electronic age is truly with us when several people around the world can communicate in real time without actually being in the same room. Time, cost of air fare, expenses like hotels, jet lag etc all become a thing of the past when conferencing can go on between offices as far apart as London and Sidney or New York and Delhi.

Some businesses have also realized that training can go on at odd times of the day as long as the individual is equipped with a media device. Waiting for an airplane or commuting time can be used efficiently by sending training or project packages onto the media device for the employee to peruse at his leisure. In this way he is well prepared for any scheduled meetings well in advance.

When he reaches his destination, all the necessary information can be printed out for more formal meetings and such. The safety of sensitive information is also a question to be thought about. Many files can be password equipped to avoid unfortunate incidents and these passwords can be changed at regular intervals to cut down on risk.

Source by Connor R Sullivan

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