Great Technology For The New Year


 Technology  is continually transforming and evolving and thus I’m generally curious to see what will be of use and helpful for me in the New Year. There are various new services and gadgets appearing on the scene but in amongst plenty of gimmicks there may be some genuine technological nuggets.

I’m going to try to pick out just two pieces of very current  technology  that can definitely play an important role for me in the New Year ahead.

1. My initial choice is IPTV. IPTV has been playing an ever more crucial part in lots of aspects of our every day lives, usually without us even recognising that we are witnessing IPTV solutions. With the advance of smart TV’s, this  technology  is already showing up inside our homes with all the elegant and appealing options it comes packed with. You may already know that this  technology  is at the heart of products and services like the BBC’s online iPlayer but luckily you can now have a similar advanced facilities within your lounge.

Smart TV’s are a mixture of an advanced computer and a high specification television set. It is possible to stream your most desirable movies straight into your living room, so no longer will you be needing to panic about returning DVDs to the rental store. You can even browse the net from your Television and also run countless apps in the same manner we have become accustomed to on our smart phones. This is the excellent mixture of the many things that are necessary in our modern-day lives into just one simple, smart bundle.

2. The other item of increasingly accepted  technology  that I love is a mobile repeater system. A mobile repeater is quite simply a system to improve the signal and therefore the reception of mobile devices in inadequate reception areas. These bad areas could be office developments with deep concrete walls, basement office buildings, properties with many steel beams or just the inconvenience of a very rural location. Mobile repeaters work just like a Television aerial in that they offer amplification to the mobile signal, hence providing mobile phone coverage where it otherwise had not been possible. As you can imagine it is crucial for many organisations to provide their employees with a good quality cellular signal and hence this  technology  is increasingly in demand.

It is certainly hard to only decide on two pieces of current  technology  that will have a major impact over the coming year but for me the two above are my present favourites. Now I’m off to surf the web on my TV!

Source by John J King

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