Groundhog Day Movie Review


What goes around comes around! You reap what you sow! Do onto others as you wish done onto yourself! This is a good movie to teach you that all is one and one is all. The reason I feel this is because at the beginning of the film the main character is all about him. As he starts to see that the same day is repeating, he takes advantage of it for himself by seducing women, robbing, and basically indulging in the pleasures of the flesh knowing that there will be no consequences to his actions. He manipulates his surroundings to suit himself, soon realising that this is not very fulfilling for him in the long run, which is only the one day repeating over and over.

As this gets old he begins to help others and devote each day to better the world around him. He eventually finds real love in the woman that he wanted for many of the repeating days but couldn’t because his motives were all about him, and then wakes up to the next day, breaking the time loop. This is a good movie to teach the viewer that love is all you have and love is all you need. The more love you give out to the world the more comes back to you. As you watch the movie with this in mind you will understand why this movie can be so transformational. Also, note that he fixed himself, healed his own demons, before he was able to make a lasting impact on others.

Many people on spiritual paths, from yogis, to gurus, to religious folks have found this movie to be a relatively accurate journey that one must take to release themselves from the world and its traps and to live a life of purity and enlightenment. I agree with these people, and if one really stops and asks themselves as they watch this movie, how much of this is about me, they will begin to see what is really important to them in their lives. There are some really touching scenes in this film and seeing how the main character grows and matures as a spirit having a human experience is powerful. The way at the end of the film how he is loved by the whole town because he is seen as a great man leaves you with a clear message about what life is all about. I guess you need to ask yourself, are you ready to receive the message that this film is offering you, or are you just going to smile, say that was fun, and go on with your day like nothing has happened?

Source by Joseph Machney

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