Growing a Volunteer Tech Nation


Prince George’s County, Maryland is a great county and well situated geographically to be a  Tech  Titan of the East. It is an affluent county with a median income of $77,000. It sits between two major cities which are Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD. The residents of the county are highly educated and have skill sets in many areas to include technology. Many have advanced degrees in technology and IT.

The residents that are skilled in technology and IT have attained these degrees and certifications because of the federal government and government contracting positions they hold. The also hold positions in state, county, and local governments. A percentage of these technology and IT employees have struck out on their own to start IT companies and contract their services out to government agencies. With the help of agencies like the Small Business Administration (SBA), they have been able to create a business plan and get start-up capital to be able to compete for government and private industry contracts.

These entrepreneurial technology and IT residents of Prince George’s County as well as shut-ins, community college and university students, skilled professionals, and retired professionals all have a part to play in building the Prince George’s County Volunteer  Tech  Nation. The key words in this title are Volunteer and  Tech . Residents of the county have to understand that the 2012 business, job, and  tech  market is about innovation, disruptive technology, and collaborating to produce something industry changing before you get paid. It’s like Missouri’s state phrase “the show me” state. Residents must build an organic network of  tech  volunteers that will use their skill sets, ideas, innovations, and time to apply to growing local small businesses using  tech  tools and improving the delivery of services by the Prince George’s County’s government. When I say organic I mean residents reading and responding to blog posts and connecting with like-minded individuals by way of the blog to work on an idea or  tech  tool that will help local small businesses connect with their target audience and grow revenues. Some Volunteer  Tech  Nation members might identify a problem with how the Prince George’s County government delivers a service and seek to create a  tech  tool using the Facebook or Twitter platform to make the process simpler and efficient. The point is to identify problems right here in Prince George’s County, Maryland and use our small businesses and government to apply strategies and innovations to solve the problems. Think of it as an incubator for the testing the success of your solutions and innovations. If the application of the solution or innovation you and your Volunteer  Tech  Nation members used works for our small businesses and government, you now have a proven model that can be scaled for the commercial market. This will hopefully help you to secure financial backing form Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists (VC).

Prince George’s County Volunteer  Tech  Nation will be the vehicle to provide a centralized forum and allow residents that are programmers, social media participants and experts, entrepreneurs, webmasters, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) savvy, advertising and marketing participants and experts, dreamers, inventors, engineers, etc. to collaborate with local small businesses, government, and big thinkers that have a vision for transforming Prince George’s County, Maryland into a cutting edge  tech  powerhouse.

Source by Barry Abrams

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