Guru’s Codes – Part 2


Step to make money

1. Learn it

2. Do it

3. Sell it

I’ve dealt with step one in Guru’s Codes Part 1. Let me go on to the next step which is doing what you have learned. The doing aspect is actually to get the confidence that you fully understand what you have learn. But, there is a short cut to learning it, and let me quickly share that with you now.

There are so many cases where you can use leverage. In cases like this, you won’t have to spend the time of learning things. All you have to do is find someone who already knows that thing that you want to learn and do a joint venture with that person.

Let me quickly repeat it here that you must make sure that anything you want to learn is what people are in need of and would buy. If you know little about how to sell on the internet, you will discover that you will find a lot of markets that you can sell to in the internet. For instance, a skill such as art work can be draw and put web for sale,That was a diversion. Let me continue. (The diversion was a blessing anyway…wasn’t it?) There are different ways for you to learn any skill or anything that you have discovered that it has a market value people are looking for.

The method you will use to learn depends on the kind of skill you want to master. For instance, if you want to learn public speaking skills so that you can teach it to people, you can master that skill by buying 3 to 4 books on the subject and study them. But if you want to master a skill like java programming, you can’t do it by mere study of books. It requires a practical training.

What about if you want to learn how to make fish ponds? It requires some one to take you through practical stuffs and then you can study and discover the rest in books yourself. Let me list them here:

1. Learn via seminars or workshops.

2. Learn through books or e-books written on the specific subject.

3. Learn via videos.

4. Learn via Audios.

5. Learn from specialized training center.

6. Learn from personal coaching.

That is all about learning. Let’s go right to the aspect that matters most because it is this aspect that brings out money. It is the selling aspect. I know you must be asking me right now that: Joseph, what about the doing aspect.

The 2nd step (the do It aspect) has its importance in this system only with the fact that it makes you to fully understand what you have learn and to be sure that it works before you start teaching it to others.

For instance, I have learn about how to print recharge card from two different source within three weeks interval, although each seminal last only few hour. If I had not practiced those things, I will not be confidence of what am selling out in my e-book on how to print recharge card and make money in Nigeria.

So, here is it in a jiffy (sample of the 3 steps):

1. I went and learn how to print recharge card

2. I sat down with my computer to print recharge card

3. I started selling my skills inform of an e-book and one on one training.

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By Fawenu Joseph

Source by Fawenu Joseph

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