Hair Accessory for All Hair Types, even Long Hair, Thick Hair, for Home, Yoga, Crossfit, Fitness Hairstyles. A World Traveler Hair Clip and a Great Gift Idea.


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Why Boa Clip?

It is very easy-to-use and gives you the ability to style your hair in seconds while saving time and money. These hair clip feels 100% secure and keep your hair in place without giving you a headache.

Main Feature/Benefit?

Its shape allows you to move or lay back comfortably , it will not hurt your scalp and it won’t break. The hair clips can be used to section hair and keep it in place for curling, styling or drying.

Its great for when you are driving no more uncomfortable neck positions. They are perfect for work, school, yoga, dance, crossfit, workouts, birthday, driving, sleeping and even on the beach on a hot summer day.

Style is important which is why you can choose from 11 BOA colors.


Interlocking jaws with no-slip grip technology hold tight to prevent strays and fallout strands. Smooth domed top helps prevent snagging BOA Clips are your secret for secure all-day hold. This clip is great for those with thin hair and strong enough to hold thick hair.

he highest standard laboratories in the USA.

Functional, from Pilates to driving, its very strong you can jump or run and it will not slide out of your hair.
Whether you are in the savasana pose in your yoga class or taking a flight, Boa Hair Clips were designed with comfort in mind as the clips lay flat against your head which allows you to comfortably lean back on your car seat, desk chair, lay on it and you can even fall asleep in these hair clip.
It saves you a lot of time every day when you don’t have the time in the morning to blow dry or curl your hair. Fun Colors are great for any outfit or mood and these hair clips make great gift ideas.
Boa Hair Clips are made to last, made from polycarbonate and assembled with a heavy duty spring with no-slip grip technology it will hold tight to prevent strays and won’t fallout.
It also prevents hair loss because when you use rubber bands or other plastic clips it often it pulls your hair and damages it on the long run. Using this hair clip you are safe, no pulling or damaging your hair.

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