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The entertainment sector has become a world many people want to enter, but very few have had access. This is why; artists who manage to penetrate this world and become famous are admired and respected by people all over the world. They are looked up to and considered role models by the younger generations, while the older generation look at them with certain nostalgia. Each and every person has their own role model and stars (movie stars, music or theatre stars) which they love or at least respect. This is why the entertainment industry will never die.

Over time there have been many famous people in all areas of entertainment which have set up trends in clothing, makeup or dancing. Thus, it is no wonder that the number of Halloween costumes inspired by this area of society is getting bigger every year. There are many people looking for entertainment Halloween costumes which will make them feel like they are part of this huge industry at least for one day of their lives.

One of the greatest artists of all time, who has inspired numerous Halloween costumes, is Michael Jackson. Numerous fans wore the costumes promoted by him in his videos or public appearances. By far the most famous costume inspired by Michael Jackson is the Thriller costume. The red leather costume, with black accents is still popular among his fans and many other people across the globe. Thousands of people choose this outfit each and every year. So, if you want a costume in which you will be easily recognized, this is the one to go for. Even though you will not have a unique outfit, you will still have a great chance of winning the best Halloween costume award, as there are few costumes which can compete with this one.

Sometimes entertainment is all about shocking people. Thus, for many people the costumes inspired by Michael may not have that shocking ingredient which makes some costumes attractive. If you are one of those people who believe that a Halloween entertainment costume must be spectacular and shocking, then you will love a Kiss costume. The costumes worn on stage by the members of the Kiss band can prove to be very suitable costumes for this Halloween. The black costumes with silvery accents will cover most of your body, while their specific makeup will cover your face, thus hiding your identity from those you do not want to see this Halloween. In addition to that, these costumes have all the ingredients for a successful Halloween costume: they are weird, aggressive and shocking.

Entertainment can be a great source of inspiration for Halloween costumes. Choose your favourite character or artist and dress up like them for Halloween or go for one of the above presented costumes and you will make a real impact this Halloween.

Source by Frances Bridger

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