Happiness And Health


Mind power and healing
Wise men throughout the ages have told us that our thoughts influence our experience. To what degree can it be said that our thoughts create our bodies? There is enough evidence to support the viewpoint that a healthy body creates a happier state of mind, but could the opposite also be true? There is a story about a man who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He decided that, seeing as he didn’t have that long to live, he would hire all the funny videos he could find and spend the rest of his time just relaxing and watching funny videos. This he did. He spent so much time laughing, day in and day out he laughed. By the time that, according to the doctors, he should have died, he was healthier and happier than he’d ever been before. Cancer had disappeared from his body completely. So there we have a situation where mind power and healing where directly related, however, not everyone can afford to take six months off from work and laugh their way to  health . Even if you’re generally a very positive person, you can still end up in a situation where stress and worry get the better of you. Fortunately for us, we don’t have to constantly be ecstatic for a healthy state of mind and body.The opposite is also true. A healthy body leads to a happier state of mind. I would say that these are flip sides of the same coin and we should work from both sides for an optimum state of being.

Good  health , vitamins and exercise
For a positive change in  health , sometimes all it takes is the right vitamin supplement combined with regular exercise. A good exercise that wont impact too negatively on joints and muscles, is walking.A good while back, I suffered from chronic fatigue. I decided to make a change and get myself a good vitamin supplement. I bought a pack of multi vitamins plus extra vitamin C and beta-carotene (mostly because I was a smoker). The idea was to take a minimum of 1000 mg vitamin C a day, as much beta-carotene a day as was recommended on the box, and 1 complete multi vitamin dosage. I had no vehicle at the time, so I walked everywhere. I worked from home, but every day I needed to deliver goods, which meant I had to walk 6 blocks. I made a very good friend on the other side of town. He also had no transport, so we did a lot of walking to places together.Within a month I was feeling on top of the world. Good vitamin intake and plenty of low intensity exercise, namely walking, had got rid of my chronic fatigue. I must also add that my diet was nothing different except for the vitamins and exercise. I was a happy fellow.

Worry and ulcers
I have heard it said that worry, or stress, can cause stomach ulcers.A few years back, I suffered from stomach ulcers. I found a remarkably simple stomach ulcer remedy.Was the cause bad eating habits or worry? I would be inclined to believe that both were contributing factors, however, because I’m a very relaxed fellow, my opinion is that it was more physical in origin.Worry can cause ulcers though; so if you have an ulcer, don’t worry. Get rid of anything causing you stress. Find a peaceful place to be, and start working to clean up your digestive tract.

Source by Andrew Gavin Webber

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