H&B Dead Sea Lightening Cream SPF-20 + Lightening Facial Soap


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Lightening Cream SPF-20

A concentrated active cream based on acids, herbal extracts, active Dead Sea minerals and is enriched with Vitamins A+E+C. The Lightening Cream SPF-20 is intended for those who suffer from facial and body skin pigmentations as a result of excess of melanin, sun exposure, freckles, pregnancy, birth-control pills or acne. It is recommended for lightening pigmentation stains on facial skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Size: 50ml

Lightening Facial Soap

The Lightening Facial Soap is a unique soap based on a rich complex of active ingredients which delays enzyme effects causing the skin blemishes due to environmental effects, stress and hormonal changes. It includes Vitamin C, a proven and most important antioxidant component in the anti-aging process. The combination of ingredients, externally results in an overall lightening of skin pigmentations caused by Melanin surplus, hormonal changes, blemish scars, freckles and medication. The soap gently removes dead skin cells and cleans the skin with the assistance of fruit extracts which balance the skin, support the absorption of Lightening cream and grant it with an even shade and a sense of rejuvenation.

Size: 250ml

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