Do you remember back in the days when we used to watch TV with an analog switch for channels? Well, that was long ago, back in the 1980s. But today, technology has been improving almost every aspect of human life, and that involves television. Television has been around for a long time and has improved greatly ever since. From the ancient television of 1958 that uses scanning, up to the introduction of colored TV, to the development of the flat screen TV and up to the whole new version of television which is called HDTV. We have seen television evolve before our very eyes and it no longer is locked up on its purpose of allowing us to watch broadcasted or televised analog TV shows, now it has more functions and the images are much more superb, detailed and realistic. But recently, there is a buzz going on and it is called 3D. Actually we have already heard about 3D long before but now it’s becoming a part of our daily lives as they would be incorporated or has been incorporated with high definition television. You can now actually enjoy a high definition movie with spectacular detail and in full glorious 3D. So if you want to know more about that and you’re very curious about the brand new technology on television, then here is how to save you from a lot of trouble.

This technology has been around since 1844 when a Scottish inventor and writer named David Brewster invented and introduce the device called stereo scope. It is actually a primitive device that can take photographic images in full 3D. Nowadays, this type of technology is commonly found on cinemas. Have you ever heard of IMAX? This theater offers 3D movies in which you have to wear 3D goggles in order to enjoy 3D moving images. But now, this technology has been integrated with most HDTV.

HDTV that offers 3D display is available in different forms. There are actually two types of HDTV 3d available for the consumers. There are HDTV’s with lenses or glasses and there are also those that functions without lenses. Those HDTV that needs glasses are divided into three types, the anaglyphic 3d, the polarization 3d and the alternate – frame sequencing 3d lenses. Those HDTV that does not need glasses are called auto stereoscopic displays or simply auto 3D.

Either way, both HDTV types offer great images in full 3D versions and are fun to watch. Although it’s still not common today in most houses, time will come that every house in the world would be having this type of television. Imagine what we had before, a small box that is capable of transmitting images from the broadcast station to your homes in black and white. Now, we have the option to watch these images in full color, and in full detail. And to make it more realistic, leading manufacturers is throwing in 3D technology on these HDTV sets. And that’s what I call “total home  entertainment .”

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