HDTV Technology for the Sharp and Smooth Picture


The  technology  of HDTV has been widely applied on all broadcasting industry all over the world. What kind of  technology  is HDTV? Who invented this  technology ? Why this  technology  is considered the best video  technology ? The article provides some information and brief explanations about the  technology  that is claimed that the biggest achievement of video  technology . Read this article out and reveal all the answers for the questions above.

Though it is abbreviated from High-definition television, it does not mean that HDTV is a television that you apply on your room to watch some movies or football games. Instead, high-definition television is a term used to refer to a video that has very high frequency. Somehow, the term high-definition itself can be meaningful to expose how this  technology  have many advantages that the standard TV  technology .

You can see clearly the differences between the two of them by simple comparing the quality of picture that is given by those each  technology . The difference will be so visible. The quality of the picture given by HDTV will be clearer, sharp, but smooth. This different with the older  technology  that will give sharp picture but it can hurt your eyes.

The embryo this  technology  was a  technology  that was called as analog suspension. This  technology  is a break through of the older  technology  of analog system. Analog system was maybe the first modern video system ever invented by human being. However, as the demand of the analog and decoding signal for television broadcasting, this  technology  was proven not to be able to give a good encoding to the signal. Therefore, this  technology  was left while many scientists tried to find an alternative to replace it. Then, the analog compression, a system that was still derived from the analog system was introduced, and it was considered success. The HDTV itself is the modern innovation of the analog compression with a digital signal as the main media of transmission. America was the first country that succeeded to introduce and to launch this  technology  in broadcasting. This success then was followed by many countries in Europe, then almost part of the world.

As mentioned above, HDTV can result a very detail and smooth picture. This is because this  technology  has very high resolution. The resolution is more than two million pixels per frame. It is about five times than the older similar  technology  of standard SD that only has four to five hundred thousand pixels per frame. This jump is a very great achievement of video  technology  that human being ever invented. Nowadays, many televisions or film industries use HDTV as their main video system. This  technology  can empower the graphic of the video so that the picture will be much clearer and sharp, and once again, smooth. This  technology  also can be compressed into a video file. You can save any video files on your hard drive using this format, and it can give you perfect video display. People who love watching movie will tend to choose this format rather than the other video format. HDTV now becomes more favorable as a movie file rather than any other format.

Source by John Terry Santiago

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