Headbands for Women Fashion Sports Wear – Non Slip Clothing Accessories for Running, Yoga, Sports Exercise and Fitness. Wide Headbands for Active Women’s Sports that Keep Your Hair in Place


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Functional Headbands that Stay in Place

RiptGear has raised the bar with these yoga headbands that please any fitness enthusiast. Each headband offers bold prints and vibrant colors. In addition to looking fantastic no matter when you choose to wear them, you will get the benefit of the properties of the material that wicks away sweat and that stay in place whether you’re running, cycling, hiking, exercising, riding bikes, riding horses, gardening or just taking a walk. These workout headbands are not just for exercise. Enjoy them no matter what occasion you choose to wear them.

Four Unique Styles

– Tribal Black

– Tribal Blue

– Purple Paisley

– Hippie Flower


Each headband is 4.5 inches wide.

Machine washable and air dry.

Polyester/Spandex stretchable material that is soft-brushed for ultimate comfort.

The soft-brushed process makes the headband grip to your hair and stay in place.


Women very rarely wear their hair in the same exact style every time they workout. Ript headbands for women can be worn several different ways to appeal to the women who love to change their look with each workout or outing. When worn fully extended, these headbands measure 4.5″ wide. This is a very wide base from which to keep back bangs or just heavy hair.

If you don’t want the wide headband look one day, fold it in half and wear it that way for a different look that still has the same benefits. Whichever way you decide to wear your headbands, you can rest assured that they will look fantastic and work great without slipping and without squeezing your head too much.

NO SLIP, COMFORTABLE FIT: 4.5 Inch wide women’s stretchy, non slip headband designed to hold your hair in place. These are the perfect hair accessories that hold you hair in place and keep you focused on your activity.
ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Made from a no slip soft brushed material our headbands make the perfect women’s clothing accessoires. Whether your active by running, working out or taking a yoga class, our workout headbands for women are designed to fit all head sizes from girls, teens to women.
SWEAT WICKING HEADBAND: The RiptGear headwear keeps the sweat out of your eyes in an effective and stylish way. Perfect for yoga, cycling, running, jogging, walking or any sport.
BRILLIANT COLORS: Our workout headbands won’t fade from washing even after your most intense workouts. Machine wash and air dry.
STYLISH DESIGNS: Not just for working out or running. The RiptGear non slip hair accessories are perfect for any activity and any occasion.

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