Heal Force XBQ02 Rhinitis Nasal Wash Irrigator Irrigation Saline Yoga Neti Pot for Adults Children by Abcstore99


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Features: 1.Nasal irrigation device manually, professional care nasal health 2.Easy to configure the physiological saline, slow water flow speed, good care of your baby 3.Today’s ergonomics, generous appearance design, always do not forget to wash the nasal cavity 4.The use of simple method, the old man also can quickly grasp, morning exercises before use even more significant. 5.Nasal cavity clean nasal cavity after the operation, can prevent nasal congestion caused by the elder sister’s home, at the same time reduce the postoperative inflammation. 6.Effectively cope with rhinitis caused by breathing disorders in human body PH balance of physiological saline, allergic rhinitis can also ease in a timely manner Description: Brand new: Heal Force Model: XBQ02 The maximum capacity: 400 ml Nozzle material: Silica gel Manufacturing material: PP/PE (medical) Size: L100*H188*W75mm Wieght: 0.1KGPackage Included: 1 X Nasal Packing Box 1 X Nasal Irrigation Device 1 X Nozzle 1 X Nasal Irrigation Device Measuring Cups (standard 500 ml) 1 X Nasal irrigation special salt (60 packages/box)

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