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As we all know,  health  and longevity is a lifetime commitment. But, if you plan to be around a lifetime, better make sure you are in good  health  to really enjoy life. A friend of mine, Dr. Wayne Pickering, poses this question at his seminars: “Would you like to be the healthiest person in the world, or the wealthiest person in the grave?”

We all know that if we have our  health , we have our wealth. So,  health  and wellness should be your everyday goal.  Health  starts in your gut, if your GI track is functioning properly than good  health  is assured.

Maintaining a good balance between the good and the bad flora in your gut helps generate good  health . We are severely deficient in intestinal flora. Are you aware the average American has only 4 to 5 bacteria per milliliter? We should have between 100 to 1000 billion per milliliter!

We have all heard the saying; we are what we eat. That saying no longer applies – according to Bub Cronin, a blood cell analyst: “We are what our body digests and assimilates.” That’s right, if the gut does not break it down you will not reap the nutrients the body needs.

Your overall  health  is directly related to your intestinal  health . Eighty percent of your immune system functions are derived from your intestines. Brain function and mental clarity is affected by your intestinal  health .

So, no matter what you eat, the body needs to digest it to assimilate it in order for the body to survive. So, how do we assure that we digest food correctly? Probiotics! But it has to be the right probiotics – with the right delivery system.

Must medicines or supplements we take never make it through the stomach acid. Would you believe that stomach acid is so strong it will dissolve a 10-penny nail within three hours! This is why it’s so important to have a delivery system that will resist stomach acid.

As you can see, maintaining a healthy intestine will reward you with  health  and longevity. It is up to you to decide whether you will live a long life and still enjoy good  health . Keep in mind that without good  health …. you have nothing!

Source by Fernando Rio

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