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For many seniors, being lonely is a big factor in their  health ; even the world around them does not realize it. Older people, according to many studies, as long as they remain active and enjoy a relatively active social life, are less prone to germs and their affects. Just having company and friends can prolong life and improve the  health  of the average senior.

The immune system, whether you realize it or not, can be strengthened just by having relationships with others, positive ones. At the same time, it helps in eliminating stress, which is also a big factor of ones  health . Lonely people tend to not worry so much about their  health , as much so as one who has a good circle of friends and a  health  social life. Feeling loved and wanted goes a long way for the  health  of anyone, including seniors. Even if there aren’t many people around, simply having a plant or pet to care for goes a long way.

Happy relationships, such as a happy and lengthy marriage is perhaps the best form of medicine a senior can have. However, even lengthy, happy friendships and contact with these friends is healthy. Just as eating right and exercising is good for  health , so is your relationships. And just as the wrong foods and lack of exercise is bad for your  health , so are unhappy relationships.

According to studies, those without relationships or are unmarried are suffering with higher levels of stress, rates of death, and increased usage of the healthcare system, than those with happy relationships or that are married.

However, many seniors do not have that option as perhaps they lost their husband or wife, which means they need to find healthy and happy relationships with their friends. If this is not an option or a desire for the senior, then getting a pet is the next best thing. Many organizations have begun offering pets to seniors as it has been proven that this companionship alone can increase the  health  and decrease the loneliness in a person.

Social interaction in a positive light is important; seniors may want to become more active in church, a club, or a group of some sort. Many seniors find it difficult to connect with other people, because they believe they are set in their ways. However, it is never too late to learn how to interact with others or make new friends. Start each friendship out in a positive light and reconnect with old friends through forgiveness and start over.

Many seniors are even volunteering after retirement, this is an excellent way to stay social, active, and keep your  health . Volunteering is a great way to help others, feel needed, feel wanted, and feel appreciated. When you are volunteering such as at a local hospital, nursing home, or shelter, you are helping others who really may need you.

Source by Nicholas Hurd

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