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We all strive for success financially, yet how many Americans are tuned into  health  awareness also put that that same energy into making sure our  health  and bodies are at peak performance?

What’s the point of being successful and having enough money to do what you want to do when you want to do it but your body and ill-health keep you from enjoying the rewards of your labor?

Imagine you’re meeting friends or family at a five-star resort and instead of being able to get out there with them and enjoy all the activities that include a certain amount of physical fitness, you are forced to sit on the sidelines and cheer everyone else on while you sit like a lump on a chaise lounge or chair, wishing you could have fun with everyone else.

Certainly for some, relaxing on a chaise lounge could be what you consider the perfect scenario — and if you’re healthy and have worked hard so you can go to some exotic place and relax, that’s fine. But you’re not being forced to do so because your body will not allow you to exert the energy necessary to swim, play golf, tennis or simply run and splash in the water at a beach.

It’s never too late to say, “I’m sorry” to yourself and your body for all the years of excess and physical abuse from the wrong food, too much alcohol or smoking. If you still want to turn things around and be a participant in life, it’s never too late to get started.

The most important first step is to give a close and hard look at what you put into your body.

The body that has served you so well for all these years is a magical machine. It will do its’ best for you including carry around huge amounts of excess weight until it can no longer sustain the load and your  health  will begin to decline. It’s your body telling you to wake up and pay attention.

Fueling Your Machine

Because your body is a machine, you must give it the best quality fuel to keep it running and/or to begin feeding it what is necessary to repair the damage you’ve done by stuffing it full of fast-food, the wrong kind of fats and the worst culprit of all-sugar.

Empty calories have taken over 60% of Americans into the world of the overweight and obese. Many people look at fat or obese people and “blame” them for their plight. Certainly there are those who are food addicts just as there are drug and alcohol addicts. What some don’t understand is that many overweight Americans are somewhat victimized by their genetics.

It’s not easy to watch skinny people stuff whatever they like into their mouths and be an overweight person, knowing no one is going to notice anything a thin person eats, yet if you are among the overweight, people will instantly stare at what a fat person is eating, immediately judge them and say they are weak, sloppy, disgusting and all they have to do is stop eating.

Well, “those people” are uninformed and ignorant of chemistry, genetics and DNA. Yes, an alcoholic can stop drinking and a drug addict can go to rehab and hopefully stop doing drugs. The overweight person must eat just like everyone else needs to in order to sustain life.

It’s more a question of education and for the person who is has allowed themselves to sink to a level of poor physical  health  and fitness, or another who has reached a level of overweight so high it seems an impossible task to start and stick to a weight-loss regimen.

Learning what is the right foods are and in what amounts to eat them is a process that must be taken on with commitment. Whether your  health  has suffered from inactivity and eating the wrong foods or if you’re someone who truly needs to lose a huge amount of weigh, it all begins with food and educating yourself on what are good calories, how many carbohydrates to eat, etc. The best thing to do is to begin with a visit with your doctor and possibly a session with a dietician.

Yes, it’s a rough road and many people resist what it takes to get on track and sustain the level of commitment necessary to reach your goals whether it be regaining your  health  or reducing your weight.

Watch The Stress

Stress can be a killer even for someone who seems fit, has a normal weight and feels fine most of the time. Every day we hear of someone in their 40’s or 50’s dropping dead of a heart attack. Many times, vital people who never knew there was a physical problem at all, but they lived and worked in a stressful environment. Taking time out to relax body and mind is important in creating a balanced life.

Understanding what stress does to the body is vital to knowing what to do to reduce that stress. Stress causes the body to create something called Cortisol, which causes weight-gain, especially around the mid-section of the body. It could benefit you greatly to look up the meaning of Cortisol and also do some reading up on the ravages of stress on the human body.

Below are some things you can do to reduce stress and simplify your life. Simple is good.

Get Off The Computer and Turn Off Your Cell Phone

Do everything possible to stop surfing the net for hours on end. Okay, so check your email three times per day instead of twenty. Go on Facebook for half an hour instead of staying up till the early hours of the morning. What’s so darn great about playing Farmville anyway?

Cut back on as much technology as possible and even though it may be hard at first, do your best not to watch the news. You know the old saying; “No news is good news?” Well, it’s not.

Cut Out The Processed Foods and Eat ‘Raw’ As Much As Possible

It may make you feel like screaming to give up the foods you think you have to eat, but take baby steps. Try salads, lightly steamed or stir-fried veggies (just a touch of Olive oil or Flax oil) and some fresh fruits. You can “cheat” once in a while of course, but soon you may not even have the desire for anything you know is literally killing you.

Re-Discover “Mother Nature”

Take a walk. Even if you can only make it twenty feet the first time! Walk, ride a bike, do anything fun that takes you outdoors and moves your body. So many people live close to the most gorgeous places like canyons, forests, beautiful bodies of water yet they never even get in the car and drive out of town to take in the amazing gifts nature has to offer.

Catch Up On Sleep

Make sure you get eight hours of sleep per day. That doesn’t count naps. Not getting at least eight hours of rest per night creates stress and that dratted Cortisol. Don’t watch television in your bedroom. Keep the technology in another room.

Only you can turn your physical negatives into positives. Make a plan, stick to it and within six-months to a year or less you can be fit and turn illnesses around and love your body enough to take it back to a place of optimum  health .

By using basic  health  awareness, your body will thank you by making sure you live a long, happy and healthy life.

Source by Richard Krawczyk

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