Health Care: Part 3 – Where To Now?


How successful we are in restoring our country’s greatness begins here. This is the third article in a series I am writing about  Health  Care and what are our options going forward. In the first two articles I set the stage of where we are today with Obamacare, and our success moving forward depends on how effective we can be in taking back our country from the socialists now occupying the White House.

If we are not careful this option, the worst possible, will become the law of the land and it will take generations to reclaim our freedoms. Make no mistake about it, Obamacare will become a totally government run, single payers  health  care system that favors no one. We have not been told the truth on anything about  health  care from this administration. Promises were made about attractive  health  care features knowing they would not be in the final product and funds were secreted into the bill in such a way they will be difficult to remove, this at a time when our economy is on the verge of bankruptcy. Even the voting process in the House of Representatives was changed to allow this bill to be deemed passed even though there was no actual vote and the Speaker of the House told us we would find out what was in the bill when it was passed. Needless to say there was a minimum of debate on this bill and very little truthful coverage from our terrible news media.

The bottom line here is that seventy percent of Americans do not want this “Obamanation” of a law to be the law of the land. The law, when it comes to full bloom, will eliminate  health  insurance companies and will create government panels to make decisions on your  health  regardless of what the doctor has recommended. It is not hard to understand that senior citizens will have the medical plug pulled on their  health  care if the panel deems it too expensive. Are we then headed to birth control as in China where infants are routinely murdered because family size is expressly limited by the Chinese government leaders.

There will be a shortage of doctors. You have to ask, why would anyone want to be a doctor if the government is going to control their income and overrule their medical decisions? I said in other writings that if this country ever embraced socialized medicine the Caribbean Islands would become island havens for free-enterprise  health  care. The Canadian  health  care system shows us that long waiting periods for doctor appointments would be a reality. A couple of years ago I read a report that showed the exact number of people with colon cancer that were waiting for appointments. This report also point out that had these people received timely treatments for their cancer something like 45% would have survived. Because of the waiting periods necessitated by the government run Canadian  health  care system, none in this survey survived long enough to receive treatment.

And finally there is corruption in a government run  health  care system. Dr. Starner Jones, an emergency room physician, has termed our current system a “Culture Crisis” instead of a “ Health  Care Crisis”. One evening he treated a patient with a shiny gold tooth, adorned in a wide assortment of elaborate and costly tattoos, wearing very expensive tennis shoes and chatting on a new cellular telephone. This patient’s payer status was listed as “Medicaid”, she admitted to smoking one pack a day and still had money to buy pretzels and beer. This patient chose to spend her money on these things instead of her  health  needs. This is a very typical example of the graft and corruption that exists in our culture and it has been initiated and made worst by our “vote buying politicians”. Yes we have problems in  health  care, but they are fixable. The question is do the responsible 70% of us have the desire and willingness to roll up our sleeves and work to fixed it? I write these articles because I have experiences others do not have and if by sharing them, it will lead to a better world, you and my children will be the beneficiaries. God bless each of you. Coming in the next article will be our second option which is only slightly better than the first and I look forward to sharing it with you.

Source by Fritz Scheffel

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