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You need to put your  health  first yet so many of us will leave our  health  at the bottom of the priority list, leaving it unattended until it gets to late and we fall into ill  health .

We seem to take  health  for granted and that makes us feel invincible up to the point that our  health  fails and then we look at our  health . This attitude is clearly wrong and it is up to you to take preventative action with your  health  and this will not only make you feel better and more energetic, you will also have your body literally thanking you and add years to your life.

The western culture, in particular the US and the UK are getting fatter and becoming overweight and obese. As a result of this more people are trying to slim down and lose some weight but the problem here is a lot of people are not trying to lose weight for the right reasons. Losing weight should be because you want to do it for yourself and not for any other reason such as your boyfriend / husband wants you to lose weight. The motivation needs to come from within for you to successfully lose and keep off the weight. How many times do people lose several pounds in weight only to put it back on within a few months.

It really is important that you “love yourself” before you decide to embark on losing the weight. Irrespective of your size now you must have the self belief and confidence in yourself that you not only look and feel good now but you are going to look and feel great after you start your new lifestyle choice, yes lifestyle choice and not a diet. It is so important that you incorporate your healthy living lifestyle into a way of life rather then having the mentality of doing a diet otherwise you are unfortunately more likely to fail. 

Good luck in your lifestyle change and well done to making the decision to change.

Source by Richard Johnstonn

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