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 Health  insurance companies often charge more for group policies.  Many people assume that if they apply for their family’s  health  care insurance through their company or buy as part of an association that they will get a lower monthly premium.  While this could be true at times, this isn’t usually true.

People will often pay more for a group medical insurance plan when compared to what they would pay if they applied as an individual.  You may be losing thousands of dollars per year if you have made the wrong decision in this area.  

Many consumers are affected because of this misconception.  This hurts those who are self employed.  This raises the expenses for families who have the choice to buy a group healthcare policy from their job or a private plan on their own.  Many people on COBRA could choose to buy a plan directly at a much lower price, but never get individual prices.

COBRA is just an employer-based  health  insurance policy offered by your former job.  Since it’s a group plan and since you will probably have to pay 100% of the cost, COBRA is usually very expensive.  It costs many consumers hundreds of unnecessary dollars more each and every month than the premiums of a similar family plan.  

The premiums for a  health  care insurance policy is for the most part determined by the cost of medical claims of the people your insurance carrier associates with you.  If you are placed in the group that is composed of 23-year olds, you will probably pay lower premiums than if you are connected with a group of 41-year olds,.  On the other hand, if you are grouped with 21-year old women who have high blood pressure, you may pay more for your plan than if you are grouped with 42-year old individuals who have recently passed a  health  care underwriting process with high marks.

Often if you get group medical care insurance you will not be asked any  health  history questions and will be offered a  health  insurance plan based only on your gender and age.  This is good should you have pre-existing conditions.  However, if you are in good medical, you will want to be grouped with those who have passed the carrier’s medical underwriting.  Applying for a  health  protection plan that asks  health  history questions is the only way to get into this group.

Group healthcare care policies frequently costs more for this reason.  A carrier will pay more claims for the group it wasn’t allowed to investigate.  

Most people believe that a group  health  coverage plan will cost less due to the fact that, buying in larger quantity results in a lower cost when it comes to most other things.  Buying a two-year subscription usually cost less than buying two separate one year subscriptions.

One more reason people believe that group healthcare insurance is less expensive is that in many cases a place of employment will pay a portion of one’s medical care insurance premiums.  This results in the employee seeing a dollar amount that is much less than what your job pays to the insurance carrier.

Since this is true, be certain that you are getting the most advantageous price and coverage by checking with all of the  health  care insuranc choices available to you.  You might be eligible for a group plan at your place of employment with a portion paid by your employer.  Perhaps you could get a similar deal from your spouse’s company.  You may be able to find an individual medical care insurance policy from a reputable insurance  carrier that sells to individuals and families.

Be convinced that you check out all of your options before purchasing a  health  insurance policy.  Holding on to the misconception that group medical care insurance is lower in cost than directly purchased healthcare policy may cost you a bundle every year.

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