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None of us know what life has install for us so we are completely in the dark when it comes down to making the decision as to whether or not we will actually physically need  health  insurance. What we have to look at is the level of risk and whether or not we are prepared to perhaps put our lives on the line not having adequate  health  insurance cover!

Buying heath insurance isn’t a purchase that can be made lightly given the importance our state of  health  has on our quality of life. As a young person you might not give much consideration to the importance of  health  and dismiss the need for  health  insurance out of hand which is fine as long as you have the money to pay for medical care as and when the need arises.

As you get older you feel far more mortal and begin to understand how important decent  health  care is. As your  health  deteriorates or when you start to need medical care is the point you actually give serious consideration to taking out  health  insurance but unfortunately for some the decision is made too late.

As with all insurance,  health  insurance is a gamble. You may or may not need it but the important thing is that you can get  health  care when you do.

The really annoying thing about  health  insurance, and pet insurance for that matter, is that pre-existing conditions are excluded and that often includes conditions that have materialised whilst you are insured (the next year they are excluded).

Before being accepted by a  health  insurance company you generally have to complete quite a lengthily questionnaire. You have to disclose such things as your weight, how much you drink, if you smoke, if you take exercise and if you have any chronic illnesses or other long term  health  issues. If you live a healthy lifestyle you are likely to be offered discounts on your  health  insurance.

 Health  questionnaires are a method for screening and eliminating those potential clients who are in poor  health  and can be used for rejecting applications for  health  insurance or charging higher rates both good reasons to take out  health  insurance while you are in good  health .

Source by Terry Ross

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