Health is Wealth – Without Health Nothing Matters


How much is your future health plan worth?

Let us represent your health with the number 1. You can now make your health as valuable as you like by putting as many 0 after the 1 as you desire. You might decide that your health is worth $1,000,000. If your health represents the number 1 and you happen to lose it, what is left is just 0.

Where will you be in 5 years?

Lift yourself above the burden of your current life and ride on wings of imagination into the future. What will you look like? Are you more fit? Are you enjoying your favorite sport as much as you like? Are you eating healthy balanced food? Are you mentally healthy and in harmony with your family, friends and work? Are you financially healthy? Let your imagination flow and think big.

Keep your dream alive

Before you go to bed at night be your future healthy self in your imagination and live it as real as you can. See the house where you live, see the nature around you, smell the flowers, feel the taste of the food and experience the love from your family. When you wake up in the morning, wake up in your dream and stay there just for a few minutes before you begin your new day.

Why is this important?

The quantum physic is based on the fact that an outcome of an experiment can change depending on the intention and focus of the observer. Your life is the same way, whatever you focus on, will create an energy trying to organize matters in your life to bring what you focus on into reality. It is essential for your future health plan and life that you keep a clear focus on what you like to accomplish, as you do create it.

Open your eyes and see what people in general dream about and talk about? It is a big difference between a vivid strong dream that you enter in your mind or just a simple wish or desire. There are many people with a very poor background that made a move into a much better life, only because they had a strong dream that they never gave up which created their future.

Get ready to receive

If we are living a life that is far from the way we want, we also somehow get used to it. It is hard to keep a dream alive when you have tons of daily problems to handle. Do not ever give up your dream as it will knock on your door sooner or later. Look for the small changes and opportunities coming your way and be ready to take action. The small changes will make way for the bigger ones. If you do not see what is coming your way, or do not think that you are worthy, you will miss the boat…

Source by Mats Loefkvist

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