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Healthcare scene undergoes rapid changes. The change is visible in most of developed world and sweeps through the advanced developing countries. Insurance and  health  become necessity of the time, to be able to get access to healthcare facilities.

It is not easy to class which is good, bad, best or worst. The determinant factor is how the plans help you while you needed them. The same plan can treat a 25 y/o and a 65 y/o differently. The appropriateness of a choice depends on several factors – age,  health  conditions, present income, dependants, previous claims, etc.

 Health  plans comparison can be a tough task. The same medical condition can get different treatments from different insurance companies. It can even go a bit further that different insurance plans from the same company have different guidelines for similar  health  conditions. You know you have extremely tough time shopping around for a plan that fits your exact requirements.

Many of the plans have options and clauses to minimize healthcare spending. This means, you will have to pay more out of your pocket, under different situations and you cannot pass all the expenses to the insurance company. Also, your premiums cost more with frequent claims too.

The most important thing to consider while buying the product is the total cost of coverage. The costs can include premiums and any additional payments you may want to make. It is the total money that goes into buying insurance coverage and comes out of your pocket or from your employer.

 Health  plans mainly are of two types – indemnity plans and managed care plans. With indemnity plans, you can seek treatment from almost any healthcare professional or hospital. The plan pay its due once you produce the hospital or expenditure bill. Managed care plans have pre-listed healthcare service providers and hospitals. Insurance companies and healthcare institutes have tie-ups. You get treatment from the healthcare providers who have affiliations with the insurance company. Here, as you can expect the choice is restricted to the healthcare provisions listed out in the plans. However, on the former type, you have access to wide range of healthcare options, but you will also have out of your pocket expenses.

With certain  health  plans, in case you have not made any insurance claims, you will get periodic physical tests, basic dental care, vision tests, etc, depending on the type of policy you have.

It is also to be noted that no plans cover all the healthcare expenses. You need to identify how much you will get in case of a medical emergency. You also need to identify the variety of services and healthcare providers that you can approach in case of a medical condition. There are also questions on seeking treatment from a doctor or a hospital not listed in the policy.

Sure, it is tough choice making a decision on choosing the policy. However, with knowledgeable research, you can identify the right one that will serve you better, if you are met with an emergency.

Source by Malcolm Ord

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