Health Revolution


We don’t need  Health  Reform. We need a  health  revolution.

We hear the cry for  health  reform, and affordable  health  insurance. However that is not the real problem. The world  health  system is based on theories that have been proven false. That is why we have such a  health  crisis in our world.

The entire system is designed around the mistaken notion that if you create an opposite disease, you will counteract the disease you are fighting. So in an effort to fight disease they give sick people (who are overloaded with toxic chemicals) highly toxic chemicals, in an effort to fight disease.

Surgeons do much the same thing. Something in the body is malfunctioning. So they cut it out, to save the whole. It is a noble thought. However why not remove the cause.

If your water line brakes in your home, do you try to repair it without turning off the water? No, you turn off the water supply, repair the damage, then you turn the water back on.

Symptoms are like the leak in the pipe. They are the evidence of a problem with the body. Finding the valve and turning it off is like finding the cause of your disease and removing the cause. Once your stop causing disease, your body can heal itself.

If you have a splinter in your finger, would you smash your big toe to make your finger stop hurting? No, you would pull the splinter out.

If your body is overloaded with toxic chemicals, does it make sense to dump more toxic chemicals into your body? Would it not make more sense to help your body remove the toxins.

No matter what you hear on TV commercials, only the body can heal.

To eliminate the  Health  Care Crisis in our world we have to STOP fighting symptoms. We have to START removing CAUSE.

The ancient Chinese doctors used to charge only when the patient was well. If the client got sick they used to charge nothing to make them better.

Think about it. We spend trillions of dollars on  health  insurance, and the fight against disease symptoms.

Would it make more sense to pay the doctors a monthly fee when we are well to teach us how to stay well, then make them absorb the costs if they fail. If their expensive treatments and magic potions were their expense, not the patients, don’t you think they would try harder to get it right.

As long as we pay them for failure, they will continue to fail. If the only way your doctor can make money is if you get sick, what incentive do they have to keep you well?

We have created a monster. The majority of our people are blinded to the truth. You cannot be poisoned into  health . You simply cannot be poisoned into  health . No way. No How, It simply is not possible.!

The only solution to our  health  crisis is to teach people how to live so they do not create disease.  Health  care and the productions of disease causing products together are the largest industries in the world.

Governments are funded by business. There is no incentive for our government to step in and make a difference. They are willingly blinded by their need for money for all their programs.

We the people will have to demand the truth. It will be hard to see. The bulk of the literature on the subject is so immersed in the failed world  health  system, that though the truth is there it is hard to see.

We fought for our independence from tyranny and won in 1776.

2006 looks like a good year for a  Health  Revolution to me.

Source by Charles Snyder

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