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1. No Shortcuts – you get a lot of advertisements and products today giving you some sort of advice on how to lose weight without any work. What you need to understand is that the mental aspect of exercise and workout is just as important as the physical. Working hard for a great body enables you to appreciate your  health  better. It also increases your self-esteem. More often than not, shortcuts offered today are either ineffective or dangerous.

2. Have fun – what turns off most people from working out can be found in the term: “work”. The reason most people go for shortcuts is that they do not want to endure the mental torture of having to go through repetitive motions. Add a bit of fun to your workout routine by engaging in activities such as sports or even dancing. This will help you exercise more without actually realizing it.

3. Gather information – most people dive into the latest fitness fad without first gathering enough information. What you need to understand is not all types of exercise or diet regimes work for all people. You need to do your research in order to determine if what an “expert” suggests will work for you. Some people just jump into fitness crazes without knowing anything about what’s being advertised. How many people can actually accurately define what a “calorie” is?

4. Eat right -there’s just no escaping it. In order to get fit, you’ll have to monitor your food intake. There’s no use exercising if you don’t manage to eat right. Here are a few tips:

A. Eat a balanced meal. The basic food pyramid still applies. Eating a balanced meal with the right amount of carbohydrates, veggies and protein will help you feel get the right nutrients while satisfying your hunger.

B. The reverse pyramid eating. That means you should eat a big breakfast and then eat a “just-right” lunch and then just have a bite for dinner. Eating a big breakfast will jump-start your metabolism, giving you a huge energy boost for your whole day and allow your body to burn off more calories on its own. Since breakfast sets the standard rate of your calorie burn for the whole day, eating a hearty breakfast will definitely help you get healthy faster.

C. Get rid of junk food. Did you know that it takes 24 hours’ worth of vigorous dancing to get rid of all the calories and fat in a single cheeseburger? It’s nice to indulge in fast food or junk food every once in a while, but you should never make it a staple.

D. Learn what to substitute. A lot of people go on a fad and try to eat what they think are “healthy foods”. As it turns out, however, there are a number of supposedly “healthy” substitutes which may be more dangerous than the foods they are supposed to replace. When you look at the nutritional value of food, don’t just look at the calories and fat. Calories are just units of energy and sometimes, higher calorie ratings can actually be good, especially if you are working out. Fat isn’t also always bad. However, you should take a look at the ingredients. Look at the sodium content. Look at the different chemicals used to make that “healthy” option.

E. Small meals. Did you know that people in the Philippines eat 5 times a day or more? However, the obesity rate in the country isn’t as high as in the U.S. The key to this is small portions. Even if they do eat frequently, the meal size is just enough to keep their metabolism up and their digestion going. If you eat small portions frequently, you’ll be able to process the food more easily and avoid fat accumulation.

F. Communicate with your tummy. No, this does not mean pulling up your shirt and talking to your navel. You need to sense when your tummy is hungry and when it is full. Usually, you are actually full even before you feel stuffed. The key is knowing when you’ve had enough. Sometimes, it’s just your taste buds and mind that are looking for more food. A great idea is to sit back or excuse yourself from the table and wait for 15 minutes before you reach for seconds. If you still feel hungry, then go for seconds, but the chances are, you’ll feel satisfied enough once your mind’s distracted.

G. Keep hydrated. Water can help you feel fuller. Before going to a party or eating dinner, try and drink at least one full glass of water. This will help keep you from gorging. Water also helps you flush away any unwanted toxins and keep you healthy. Drink lots of water; doing this can actually be very good for you.

Source by Mikhail Tuknov

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