Helpful Tips to Get Free Health Insurance Leads


Closing a deal successfully with health insurance leads is the aim of many health insurance agents. But it is not all the time that you will find a good lead because just like the experience of many insurance agents who quits immediately after getting through cold health insurance leads. There are hundreds of people who are interested to get health insurance coverage but only few are easy to convince.

However, it is not a big lost because there are many ways on how you can cope up and manages cold leads. One way for you not to waste your time and effort in convincing a lead is to pre-qualify or assess the lead about the actual insurance coverage needs as well as his or her capability to pay for the insurance. However, if you are a health insurance agent that is looking for your possible leads, there are ways to get them free. You need not spend your own money and pay it to lead provider. Here are some tips on how you can find health insurance leads that could be your paying customer at no cost.

1. Ask referrals from your relatives and friends

A very good source of great health insurance leads is the pool of your family and friends. Aside from getting great leads, you will not find hard time in convincing them because they personally know and trust you. Likewise, if you have friends are connected with people who could be a great lead you can ask for their referral. This is the best way to increase your sales without spending much amount of money.

2. Register in websites

Browsing over the internet would help you get insurance leads. There are insurance websites that are looking for sales agents to deal with pre-qualified leads. Sometimes they will have you to sell and promote new products. Although you might find it different from your actual experience but you can get free leads from them.

3. Research on your leads

When you have health insurance leads that are referred to you by your family and friends, it is ideal to research on them. There are prospects who are interested to avail insurance coverage but do not have the money to pay for it. However, some have the money but are not interested on the policy. You are too lucky if you find a lead that needs your product and has the money to pay for it. Moreover, it is also ideal to find insurance leads who want to know your product because it would be easy for you to convince them.

4. Convince your prospect in an appealing way

One of the effective ways to convince your prospect insurance leads is to appeal on their emotions. Some clients are easily convinced when the agent has a personal touch especially in dealing with the emotions of their client.

Hence, following the above-mentioned tips would help you find great health insurance leads and eventually increase your sales. Furthermore, this would spare you from quitting soon as an insurance agent and give ease in selling your products.

Source by Lank Andrew

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