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Herbie Hancock is a name that thrills ears and raises eyebrows whenever he is featured. This is because the versatile musician had always brought up something new with every album he releases. Recently, he just released a new album and he did not fail the expectations of his fans.

Herbie born April 12, 1940–now aged 70–was born in Chicago, Illinois. He is an American musician who started music at an early age of seven. He started learning classical music at that age and was often called the child prodigy by those who saw him play. Now six decades and three years later, that child prodigy had spread his music prowess so far that he is been called a legend by some music commentators. Herbie now a composer, band leader and pianist started music professionally at the age of 21. And since then he had so much feats, like being one of the architects of the genre of music that mixes jazz and funk. He also learnt other instruments like;synthesizers, clavinet, keytar, and voceder.

Among his numerous achievements are;a famous 2008 Grammy Award for album of the year on his 2007 tribute album river:The Joni letters. He had also won so many other notable awards so far in his career like the playboy music poll awards several times, keyboard magazine readers poll awards, etc.

All through his career he had been known as a person who fuses together different genres of music as he popularly blends Jazz, Blues, and Modern Classical music. Recently he had released a new album in which he suggested that the world would be a better place if there is unity and everyone comes together. To illustrate this he blended different cultures of music, he worked with musicians from Afghanistan, Somalia, Chile, France, etc. And this made the album sound special.

Though we’ve just received another thriller from the legend in this new album but imagine what more thrills await us in the future if he does not retire.

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