Here’s How Hollywood Hunks Get Great Abs


Want to know how those Hollywood stars get their great abs? You are about to be very surprised. Read on to find out how Hollywood hunks get great abs. Great looking abs, for both men and women, it is what everyone seems to want. In addition there are great health benefits that come with working your way toward desirable abs.

Admit it or not, we’ve all seen Hollywood guys shirtless and thought, “those abs would look better on me.” Great abs, now how did those celebrities get them? Wouldn’t you want to know? Read on and you just might be walking down the beach this summer with washboard abs like a Hollywood hunk.

Like it or not, it can be too costly to have personal trainers or expensive equipment like celebrities. Fortunately, the secrets of getting a ripped abs are not as unattainable. It’s a combination and balance of a proper diet and exercise, and a disciplined commitment to stick to them.

You won’t get great abs with exercise or diet alone. Sure a proper diet will make you healthy, but it won’t build your body. Your ripped abs may be hiding under all that fat. A proper diet will help remove that fat or put on some mass to help you get started with building your abs.

Celebrities follow different diets, depending on what their trainer or fitness instructor would advise them. On your own, just remember to keep your diet balanced. Depending on your build, your calorie intake may vary from everyone else. Generally, your diet should be high in protein, moderate in fat, and low or moderate in carbohydrates. This helps to control insulin levels better, which stores body fat.

After getting your body prepped with a proper diet, it’s time to work it out. Even if we are aiming for washboard abs, a good work out should include your whole body. This ensures that more fat is burned all throughout your body and having more muscles is never a bad thing.

Finally, we have the routine for your abs. These exercises should be done regularly, you want dedicate time to building up your ab muscles:

• Exercise ball movements are done with the help of exercise balls. These balls decrease your stability effectively causing your abs to work harder as you use them. Examples are lying leg raises with the ball between your legs and the basic front and side crunches.

• Weighted exercises increase the size of your ab muscles. Muscle tissue will grow significantly as with the overloading weight placed upon it. You can do sit ups with weights slowly increasing the weights you use as they become easier to lift.

• Isometric contraction exercises require you to contract your abs and maintain the contraction for an extended time. This exercise helps the abs learn how to remain contracted giving it more form when flexed.

Always keep these factors in mind when working on getting great abs. Best results will come with tenacity and moderation. Overdoing one thing won’t make up for not doing the other. Be patient and work hard, soon you’ll be out there turning heads with your washboard abs.

Source by Mark S Myers

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