Hi-Tech iPad Leaps Into Cyber-Stratosphere


The iPad from Steve Jobs and Apple could quite possibly change just about everything. This brand-new tech monster has created such an immediate hi-tech buzz, that it’s even being touted as the possible savior of the newspaper industry, for starters.

Here what else it just might do:

* Instantly, the entire business world is presented with a gigantic treasure trove of new opportunities.

* The iPad will likely play a huge part in the medical industry, especially at your own doctor’s office. Reportedly, tens of thousands of orders have already been placed.

* iPad sales could eclipse even those of the iPhone.

* The already booming world of apps is likely to explode. And, noted Silicon Valley investor, John Doerr even believes that because of the iPad, “The world is going to change.”

* iPads are already making a potentially huge impact on schools. They are even being touted as the “new textbook.” Apple is selling them to qualifying educational institutions in discounted bundles of ten.

* Game developers instantaneously have a whole new market.

* The tablet PC which has yet to really gain traction over the years finally will, and not just for Apple.

* Businesses will embrace the iPad in droves. It will become the new PowerPoint.

* Movies and television will suddenly become hand-held events. The potential is staggering.

Here are some potential downsides to the iPad:

* It could become obsolete soon. The next version of the iPad might have a camera and other important improvements.

* Do you really need it in the first place? Won’t your smartphone and your laptop do just fine?

* It’s pretty pricey: $499-$829. You could do better with a much cheaper netbook.

* It’s a first-generation device. Let it log some miles under its belt and have someone else be the guinea pig before you jump in.

* It’s on AT&T which might not thrill some users.

* No flash. That will be very limiting.

* Limited-to-zero multitasking. You can only multitask with built-in apps, not third-party apps.

* No camera. What doesn’t come with a camera these days?

* If you’re going to use your new iPad as an e-reader, it’s pretty heavy to hold for long periods of time at 1.5 pounds. Compare that with Kindle’s 10 ounces.

Regardless of anything, the lines to purchase the new iPad were long and deep, and some folks even jetted over from Europe because it won’t be available overseas for a few weeks. So, while the new hi-tech must-have may be drawing as much excitement as it is controversy, Apple is having the last laugh, as always. I mean, would you ever bet against any new Apple gadget that has an “i” in its name? You know, as in iMac, iPod, iTunes, iPhone, and now the iPad? I wouldn’t.

Source by Grant Gerver

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