High-Tech Confession Made Possible by iPhone Application


The release of a new downloadable application for iPhone gadgets called “Confession: A Roman Catholic app” by South Bend company has alarmed the Vatican. Upon learning the news, Vatican immediately ordered an interdiction on such tool, reminding the people to observe the holiness of confession, despite the luring products and applications brought by today’s innovation.

The person behind the creation of the new Confession application for Apple iPhone is named Patrick Leinen. South Bend is an Indiana-based company responsible for selling and distribution of the app.

The software is now accessible through iTunes, requiring users to purchase and then download, to make use of it. However, for now, the app is still exclusive for iPhone users in the United States.

While the availability of such tool has offended the Catholic Church, still it is irrefutable that such idea is brilliant, a brilliant idea from someone who aims to make “confession” portable.

Technological innovations in today’s society are created to offer ease and comfort to people. Latest gadgets such as iPhones and iPad, new laptops and computers, and other high-tech products are designed to help people find easiness in performing daily tasks. So, with the availability of this iPhone application, people are given with a new alternative to do confession, in such a way that would no longer require them to head to churches, wait in longer queues, to confess to a priest. Instead, they just need to secure an iPhone device, download the application from iTunes for $1.99 and start the newest version of confession rite.

Considering the aforesaid benefits, we can say that Confession App comes with lots of advantages. However, if we come to think of sacredness, we can say that Vatican is right with their notion.

The Catholic Church would not want these latest innovations to override the virtue of the Church and the rules of the Scriptures. While these things have brought a lot of benefits to the modern society, people should also observe proper boundaries.

The Vatican is definitely right with its motion to ban the Confession application because as Catholics, we have the obligation to undergo into a proper way of observing holy confession, the same way that was thought in the Holy Bible, prior to the advent of these latest creations.

All the above-mentioned thoughts regarding the introduction of Confession app for Apple iPhone are sensible, but the final verdict still comes from the people themselves, whether they will go for the Church or Science/Technology, holiness or practicality.

Source by Grace E. Gajetes

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