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The holidays are quickly approaching with food preparations,  entertainment , and invitations. For an added  entertainment  of sharing good times with your guests why not put together a scrapbook!

Have your self a scrapbook holiday while dinner is cooking or for after dinner  entertainment . Holiday  entertainment  is a great time to share with family and friends. In doing so, the  entertainment  should be memorable be it the guys watching football a photo of this is time less. Grandma making her stuffing while grandpa outside with the kids.  Entertainment  is about the moments and the people around you doing what is most enjoyable to them.

Scrap booking with the family will cut down on the time as well as make it personalized. Starting now to cut down on the stress for gathering all the materials needed. Search out a scrapbook making guide and look it over. Pick up the needed items for the activity, this will give you time to shop for the best deals. Go threw old keep sake things maybe paper wrapping, jewelry, cloths, hair, and the photo’s. Next, tell your guests what your planing and listen to their ideas.

Some families start out in the morning for a family walk together and then have breakfast. This would make for a great way to spend the day. Making memories last a life time. Get the kids involved have them make pictures of things they remember. Drawing, cutting, coloring and pasting things to get her keeps their attention and gives the parents some time too. You could do this right at the breakfast table if you cover it with some brown paper for them to draw on, or paper plates. Use your imagination…

Source by Justine Clark

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