Hollywood A-Lister: Part 2


He casually wrote down on a napkin the formula to make millions of dollars per film even if the movie didn’t make any money in the box office. I ate it up while eating dinner at his restaurant on Vine in Hollywood. He owned many restaurants all over the world. He told me to order away, so I requested off the menu some “lightly” seared toro, then the chef brought out a huge plate. I ate them all up too, knowing that a decent sushi restaurant would charge $15 per piece. I probably ate about $ 300 worth, and I never touched toro again for a while. Then we went back to his mansion up in Hollywood Hills where he surprised me with a new pair of designer pumps. These weren’t just designer, but a personal gift from a very famous designer. You couldn’t even buy them just yet. Can you see how he rocked my world in all aspects? Intellectually, palatably, and most importantly, fashionably!! (And of course in the bedroom too!)

Worldly, materialistic things weren’t the only thing we had in common, or rather what I liked him about him. We connected on a deeper level too you know.. We would meditate together in his Buddha-themed garden listening to the lounge music produced by his company. He was a family man as well. I really liked his mother who often visited the house just to hang. She probably thought I wasn’t suitable for him because of our age difference, but I thought she was slowly warming up to me. All of his quirks like having to smoke a joint before falling asleep, not being able to stand my wet hair in bed… were becoming more endearing, uh-oh, I was falling in love!

My life was truly a bed of roses. One evening, I was getting pampered and getting ready for an event at his home spa, a separate quarter from the main house. That’s exactly when I heard the bad news that shook me out of my relaxed mode. His production company got sued by a foreign bank for various legal stuff. I knew it was an extremely serious matter for him, and he too started to act differently. I started to see different sides of him that raised many red flags. Uh-oh for the second time. Too many uh-oh’s are never good.

Going through hard times, bumps, cracks in a relationship is a good litmus test to see if the relationship can be a long, enduring one. My A-lister was losing this battle… but will he lose the war, aka me? And that’s exactly when my ex reached out to me, uh-oh! Will it be the grand gesture from my ex I was subconsciously waiting and hoping for?

Source by Larissa Moore

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