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The  Hollywood  Cookie Diet is a meal replacement plan that has achieved some degree of publicity when it became known that it was used by certain celebrities to shed off some excess pounds fast. The program requires you to purchase and consume the diet’s special cookies which can be ordered online or in various pharmacies or stores across the Unites States.

The way the diet works is very simple: on each day, you’re given 4 special cookies to eat. These replace your breakfast and lunch. Dinner is a regular meal but you need to make sure you don’t overeat on it. Since you only get 4 cookies a day, the recommended way to eat them is to have one for breakfast, one as a mid-day snack, one for lunch, and one for an afternoon snack.

Since each cookie contains a mere 150 calories, you only get 600 calories until dinner. This makes it very important that you don’t overcompensate during dinner and consume too many calories then because the entire point of the diet is to restrict your consumption and create a calorie deficit. It is through this deficit that you lose weight.

Naturally, eating cookie for the most part of the day may seem a bit harsh and hard to stick to. However, the manufacturers of the cookies claim that they can actually help you to curb your appetite as they’re rich in protein and dietary fiber. In addition, the cookies contain more than 13 vitamins and minerals to help you get a balanced diet.

The calorie deficit can help you to lose some pounds, of that there is no doubt. However, reviews of the  Hollywood  Cookie Diet are mixed as some claim that this weight loss will be short-lived and most of it is actually water weight. There is also the concern that this kind of calorie restriction may lead to metabolic slowdown in which your metabolism burns less and less calories due to deprivation, something that may make it harder to maintain this weight loss into the future.

However, there are testimonials of people who say that the  Hollywood  Cookie Diet does work and has helped them to lose weight successfully, so you need to make your own decisions.

While there’s nothing wrong with calorie restriction in general, many believe that in order to lose weight successfully for many years, you need to make a real lifestyle change. Whether this is what this meal replacement diet offers is something that I leave for you to decide.

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