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 Hollywood  diet juice is specially formulated juice that is made to help you lose weight within a short period of time. It requires only drinking the diet juice in two days, and you can lose up to eight pounds in those two days. Of course in order to achieve maximum results (lose eight pounds in two days) you need to follow strict regiment in those two days. Some people even lose up to ten pounds in those two days.

What you get when you buy  Hollywood  diet juice?

The  Hollywood  diet juice comes with readymade packaged bottle that you can drink immediately. Before you drink it, make sure you shake the container well. For one drink, you need to mix four ounces of juice with four ounces of water and have this drink slowly over a period of four hours or more. In one day you need to drink it four times during those two days. You also need to drink eight ounces of water, just to make sure your kidney stay healthy. You also need to keep bottle in refrigerator to preserve the juice.

During those two days, you are also prohibited from tea, coffee, alcohol, smoking and any kind of solid food.

Pregnant and lactating women are not allowed to do the  Hollywood  diet juice due to health risk that might come. Diabetes or other health concerns should seek the advice of physician first before he/she does the diet. The side effect from the diet might be dangerous for the people mentioned.

The  Hollywood  diet juice works by limiting calorie intake. Since you only drink juice for the 48 hours, you are severely restricting the amount of calories that you are taking in as a result you will end up losing weight fast.

However, in spite of the wonderful quick result, the diet provides only short-term weight loss. In order to keep off the weight permanently once you have done the diet, you need to maintain healthy lifestyle and proper exercises. Also, watch out your foods, especially fried foods, you don’t want the pounds come back quickly as fast as you lose it.

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