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Hollywood celebs are idolised by their fans more often than not because of how they look and not how they act. Most celebrity tabloids, magazine and TV shows are filled with photos of the celebs with some insanely toned bodies. Most fans desperately want this body but are confused at how exactly the celebs got this body.

This is more confusing since at times there are widespread rumours about the celeb having gained lot of weight and then they are shown in some excellent bodies. This happens since most celebs follow a few popular diets.

Atkins is one of the most famous Hollywood diets with an emphasis on avoiding carbs. It encourages the followers to avoid carbs and increase their intake of proteins. Some of the major followers of this diet are celebs like Kate Hudson, Renee Zellwegger and Callista Flockhart.

The lemonade diet also known as the Master Cleanse Diet. This diet is a liquid diet in which you are supposed to drink a mixture of water, lemon, cayenne powder and maple syrup. You are supposed to drink this every day without eating any other food or even any other beverage. Followers of this diet include Beyonce.

Weight Watchers is one of the oldest diet plans in the world, operating since the past 40 years, is also popular. It uses a well known points system in which all the food articles are given points based on their calorie and fat content.

This diet allows you to eat anything you want. You can’t exceed your daily diet limit however. This diet allows a great amount of flexibility. Some followers of this diet include Jenny McCarthy and Princess Sarah, the duchess of York.

The Jenny Craig diet is also followed on a great scale in Hollywood. Some of the followers of this include Queen Latifah. It is well known for containing pre packaged meals.

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