Hollywood Fast Diet


Hollywood fast diet is probably one of the most popular diets in the market today. The name is taken from the fact that many Hollywood celebrities have been used the diet program successfully. The diet itself is low carbohydrates high protein diet. You limit your daily carbohydrates intake and increase the consumption of protein. This way you will force your body to burn your excess fat.

The usual regime is to do the Hollywood diet for one week followed one week of regular diet. Normally, you will be able to lose 5 pounds during this period. There are various combination of meals and snacks that you can eat for your first week. For example:

  • you can eat omelet, fried or boiled eggs combined with two tea cups of any fruits as breakfast.
  • You can 110 g of a low-fat pork ham combined with 60 g of fried fruits for breakfast.
  • You can eat 30 g of nuts combined with one slice of black bread for lunch.
  • You can eat one tea cup of low-fat cottage cheese combined with one small pancake for lunch.
  • You can eat 170 g of tuna combined with three tea cup of any boiled vegetables for snack.
  • You can eat 120 ml of fat-free milk combined with one and a half tea cup of corn or green peas for snack.
  • You can eat two tablespoons of almond combined with half a cup of boiled rice of pasta for dinner.
  • You can eat 110 g of low-fat pork ham combined with 15 g of low-calorie crackers for dinner.

One thing that you will like from Hollywood fast diet, it is easy to follow. You can drop weight relatively fast, you can shed some weight 5-10 pounds very quickly. However, the diet has one disadvantage. The diet doesn’t focus too much on weight maintenance issue. As a result, once you back to your regular eating habit, your weight will come back again.

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