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When the end of my senior year at FU came around I felt the usual feeling of a college grad -excitement, trepidation, fear… I had just been accepted to law school in DC. I was looking forward to spending another two years as a student, but I was not so happy about my wife (she was still my girlfriend at the time) moving solo to New York City. I had never been to New York before; it felt far away and I was unnecessarily paranoid about brooding actors and sexy musicians that I imagined were cruising the streets picking up other peoples’ girlfriends. This theory proved to be unfounded, but nevertheless I still had my heart set on one last romantic vacation together while we still lived in the same state. We had done the whole crazy spring-break thing before in Miami. We were older now, more mature. I wanted something different. Something relaxing and fun. So I chose Hollywood! Hollywood, Florida that is. Here’s what I learned on my stay there. These are absolute must-sees for anyone who is smart enough to vacation in Hollywood.

  1. THE BEACH and BOARDWALK – Hollywood’s beach is unlike any beach I’d ever seen in the Miami area. It’s located on a two-mile long boardwalk far removed from the (not so) busy streets of Hollywood. A number of proud locals told me it was the only one of it’s kind in Florida. A lot of vacationers and townies use the boardwalk for jogging, skating or just walking. I took an early morning run there one day and found the absence of exhaust fumes and car horns to be refreshing (to say the least). My wife loved the “golden sands and palm lined coast” (her words). She said they were perfect for tanning and relaxing, but I spent most of my time in the surprisingly warm Atlantic Ocean. And thought we didn’t have any at the time, but my wife remarked several time that the nearby Charnow Park would be perfect place for kids to hang. It was located right off the boardwalk and had a beachfront view, a playground, picnic area, and shaded seating. I was more impressed by the boardwalk at night; it seemed like tons couples came out just to enjoy the music and restaurants that lined the beach.
  2. HISTORIC DOWNTOWN HOLLYWOOD may be small, but it is still full of life and excitement. My wife found the brick-lined streets and picturesque boutiques like a dog sniffing out its prey. She spent way too much time there. They had dozens of independent boutiques on Harrison Street and Hollywood Blvd. And she made me participate in educational stuff even though we were on vacation so we visited The Arts and Cultural Center of Hollywood which is right in the middle of the downtown area and Hollywood’s Central Arts Performing Center where we saw a great show. Even I was impressed! And in case anyone wants to bring a touch of art home with you visit Ansu Gallery on Tyler St and pick up one of their imported, hand painted porcelain pieces for a great souvenir. (She told me to say that…)
  3. SEMINOLE HARD ROCK HOTEL & CASINO. OK I admit it. This was my favorite place. And yes it’s a great place to gamble! But did you know it’s a great place to eat, drink, shop, and play? Feel like seeing a show? Visit Hard Rock Live, a state of the art, acoustically superior theatre that seats over 5,000 people. Everyone from Fregie to Kathy Griffin has performed on this stage. Fortunately they weren’t there that weekend. My wife was nice enough to accompany me to one of Hard Rock Live’s regularly scheduled boxing events. Let’s just say, I loved it.
  4. ARTSPARK AT YOUNG CIRCLE is ten-acres of nature, culture, and fun. Located in downtown Hollywood this attraction boasts an interactive fountain, paths for jogging and walking, children’s playgrounds, and large stretches of green lawn. Spend a day lounging on the lawn, playing sports, or visiting Millennium Springs. Don’t forget to check out www.artsparkatyoungcircle.org for any upcoming performances or activities at the Pavilions and Amphitheatre.

Hollywood is unlike any other town -it has nightlife, beaches, arts, theatre, and history. Bring the whole family or plan a romantic get away for two. My wife and I loved it there so much that we honeymooned there and, years later, brought the kids along as well. It gets better every time! I hope you enjoy your dream vacation!

For more information on planning vacation go to www.visithollywood.org

Source by L. Schiller

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