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When it comes to the celebrities and hot stars of  Hollywood , gossips and scandals are the obvious companions that come with them. Only one can imagine the sheer pinch of these gossips in our daily lives as at our dinner table we are indulged in the deep discussions over  Hollywood  happenings.

In addition, there is no end of our  Hollywood  frenzy about the gossips and scoops. It is all about the hottest hunks and sexy babes even if they commit anything dim-witted or unintelligently. In a general thought, it is being said that any kind of Celebrity gossip is a thrill in which people discover more about their darling celebs.

Interestingly, Celebrities themselves are responsible for always being in news for different reasons every time. It might be their drunken state, on the stage scenes, filing frequent divorce petitions or almost abandoning their babies in the subways or streets. Each event could later shine the headlines of tabloids like U.S. Weekly Star or even People Magazine and become a scope issue meant for bedroom discussion.

We are always in the mood to open up our favorite magazine and search the stuff about celebs and their twisting tales. Most of these tales are about love affairs and eccentricities of various celebrities that generate a handsome amount of revenue for the tabloids and photographers.

Gossips are so intimating now that people have connected themselves to celebrities whenever they have an opportunity. We go through gossip magazines at the grocery stores and favorite malls. These magazines push us to get personal information about our hot stars. This exciting news makes us swim in the scoop without considering any news sequences, whether they are true or mere hype and fabricated gossips.

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