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Have you ever wondered how some women are able to move and their hair stays in place? No loose tracks and no hair left behind? It’s because these women doesn’t always use your basic weave or extension job they wear wigs of all types and styles. As a matter of fact even some of your favorite celebrities, and  Hollywood  stars. For example Beyonce Knowles his said to sometimes wears a lace wig. Tyra Banks likes to switch up her style a lot too. Tyra Banks also is known to wear the same type of wig . Celebrities and there  Hollywood  hair always have to be exceptional and lace wigs are very convenient, because they offer so much versatility, whether it be style, length, color or texture. Many needs can be met with a lace wig. What most people enjoy the most about them is that they can be parted anywhere throughout the wig itself freely, and it will give you the appearance of natural scalp if applied and tweaked properly.

Women all across the world are avid wig wearer’s. There are a couple of variations of the lace wig and within the variations are more, smaller specifications, if you will. A full lace wig and the hair can be worn in a high ponytail and parted anywhere and can be worn in a high ponytail. With lace front units the hair can not be worn in a high ponytail but a low ponytail is achievable. A lace frontal is made to cover a partial extension sew-in. It is sewn around the sides of your own hair and the extra lace is then cut and adhered to the front perimeter of your hairline.

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