Hollywood – Herald or Haunted


THE  HOLLYWOOD  SIGN sitting on the hills of Los Angeles is an American Icon. But what does its name itself really and truthfully have to offer us if we take an skewed look.

I usually like to look anagrammingly, but today I thought I try, lexigrammingly, which is not much different from anagrams. Let me explain–Lexing just involves making all the words you can with the letters that comprise the original word, name, or phrase, you want to lex and then simply use the words to tell a verse of truth about your subject.

It’s fun and in this case, its sort of spooky.

Now–getting back to the THE  HOLLYWOOD  SIGN, the first one, which was originally built in 1923 by film director Mack Sennett and LA Time publisher Harry Chandler, let look at is past. Just this past December of 2005 its broken-down-in-storage-parts were up for auction on EBAY.

I recall my last check during its auction stage THE  HOLLYWOOD  SIGN reached as much as two hundred fifty one thousand dollars with 201 bids. The auction ended on December 6th at 20:18:47 PST but I don’t recall the amount for which it sold. But its not the worth of THE  HOLLYWOOD  SIGN I’m concerned with in this writing–Its whether or not its remains a haunted icon.

Well lets see,

I found the two words, DESTINY DELIGHT, now those two words certainly do describe the folks who leave their small home towns to embark on their dreams of appearing on the silver screen. When I found the words GOLDEN LION it certainly did give me the image of MGM’s roaring cat leading one of it’s films.

The word DIETS doesn’t leave anything to be imagined because we all know how the starlets are constantly under physical restrictions and rehauls.

Now we know that the sign itself sits SIDELONG DOWNHILL and at a great HEIGHT of fifty feet. And when you arrive in LA doesn’t the sign speak as a SIGNET to say a GOLDEN GLOW HELLO LOGO. And aren’t those wishing hopefuls eventually become a SNOOTED IDOL or DOLL in this LIGHTED TINSEL TOWN. And really, how many artists had a HIT SINGLE using the word  HOLLYWOOD . Go ahead and think about that one.

I also saw the word GHOST in the phrase THE  HOLLYWOOD  SIGN. In 1932, film actess Peg Entwistle committed suicide by climbling 50 feet and jumping off the letter H. Every letter of Peg ENTWISTLE last name is in the word phrase THE  HOLLYWOOD  SIGN. There have been reports of a women dressed in 1930’s clothing wandering about in the vicinity of the sign and haunting the area with her signature perfumed scent of Gardinas.

As far as the eBay auction goes, there are the words SELL THE GOLDEN HELLO LOGO SIGN and OLD SIGN SOLD. But I’m really left wondering about this believed haunting of Peg ENTWISTLE on the hills of  Hollywood , and about her fated connection to this American Icon. I guess I’ll just have to keep lexing.

Source by Renee Francis

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